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Samuel Barber

9 mar 1910 (West Chester) - 23 jan 1981 (New York)
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Worklist for Samuel Barber

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name cmt key instr year time genre
51 works
1Serenade for Strings     String orchestra
23 songs op. 2   1928 6:00Song
3Dover Beach  cha,voc   
5The School for Scandal Overture     Overture
6Sonata for Cello and Piano  cel,pno  18:00Sonata
7Music for a Scene from Shelley      
8The Virgin Martyrs      
9Symphony no. 1     Symphony
103 songs op. 10  pno,voc   
11Quartet for Strings in B minor     16:30 
12Essay for Orchestra no 1  orc   
134 songs op. 13  pno,voc   
14Violin Concerto   1939 23:00Violin concerto
15A Stopwatch and an Ordinance Map      
16Reincarnations   1940 8:30Choir
17Essay for Orchestra no 2  orc   
182 songs op. 18  pno,voc   
19Symphony no. 2     Symphony
19aNight Flight  orc   
20Excursions for piano  pno1944 12:00 
21Capricorn Concerto for Fl, Ob, Tp & StringsCapricorn Concerto for Flute, Oboe, Trumpet and Strings     
22Concerto for Cello     24:00Cello concerto
23Medea "Cave of the Heart"      
23aMedea's Meditation and Dance of Vengeance     Opera
24Knoxville: Summer of 1915Completed 1947, revised 1949, first performance April 1, 1950.  1947 15:00Symphonic poem
25Nuvoletta  pno,voc   
26Piano Sonata  pno1949 20:00 
27Mélodies passagères  pno,voc   
28Souvernirs  pno  20:00 
29Hermit Songs  pno,voc  17:00 
30Prayers of Kierkegaard     Choir
31Summer Music  cha  12:00 
32Vanessa     Opera
33Nocturne for piano "Homage to John Field"  pno1959 4:00Nocturne
34Wonderous Love  org   
35A Hand of Bridge      
36Toccata festiva for Organ and Orchestra  orc,org  Toccata
37Die natali  org   
38Concerto for Piano     Piano concerto
38aCanzone for Flute and Piano  flu,pno  4:00 
39Andromache's Farewell  orc1962 12:00 
40Antony and Cleopatra     Opera
41Despite and Still  pno,voc   
43The Lovers     Choir
44Fadograph of a Yestern Scene  orc   
453 songs op. 45  pno,voc   
46Ballade for pianoRestless, as before. pno  8:00Ballade
47Essay for Orchestra no 3  orc   
 Agnus Dei     8:00Hymn
 Adagio for StringsThis work was originally the second movement of the String Quartet opus 11 from 1936. Two years later Barber wrote a version for string orchestra that became probably his best known work.  1936 6:30Adagio
 Commando marchversions for band and for orchestra  1943 4:00March
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