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William Byrd

about 1543 (London) - 4 jul 1623 (Stondon Massey)
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Worklist for William Byrd

BK is also written as MB (Musica Britannica v.27+28).

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name cmt key instr year time genre
134 works
1Preludium BK1  hsc  0:40 
2The nynth pavian and galliardethe Passinge mesures hsc  12:00 
3Sir William Petre pavana and galiardo  hsc  7:00 
4Pavana and Galliard BK4  mus  4:00 
5Johnson's Delighte pavana and galiarda  hsc  7:00 
6Fortune my Foe, Farewell Delight  mus  3:57 
7Lord Willobies Welcome Home (Rowland)  mus  2:45 
8Have with yow to WalsingameName abbreviated as: Walsingham. hsc  9:30 
9A Grounde BK9  mus   
10The Queenes Alman  mus  3:00 
11Alman  hsc  1:30 
12Preludium BK12  hsc   
13Fantasia BK13  hsc  8:05Fantasy
14Paven and Galliarde BK14The third pavian mus  7:00 
15The Earle of Salisbury pavana and galiardo's  mus  5:00Dances
16Pavyn and Galliard  mus  5:30 
17The eighte pavian  mus  4:56 
18A Galliarde Gygge  hsc  2:03 
19Qui passe, for my Ladye Nevell  hsc  3:30 
20Hugh Ashton's Grownde  mus  8:00 
213 French Coranto's  hsc  2:30 
22A Gigg "F.Tr."     Hymn
23Paven and Galliard BK23  mus  6:30 
24Preludium BK24  hsc  1:15 
25A Fancie, for my Ladye Nevell     Song
26A Lesson of Voluntarie, Two Parts in One in t      
27A Voluntarie      
28A Verse of Two Parts     Hymn
29Paven and Galliarde BK29  mus  6:00 
30Paven and Galliarde BK30The fourth pavian hsc  4:30 
31Paven and Galliarde BK31The fifte pavian mus  7:00 
32Kinbrugh Good pavana and Galliard  hsc  7:00 
33Pavin and Galliard BK33  hsc  7:00 
34Galiardo Mistris Marye Brownlo  hsc  3:00 
35Callino Casturame  hsc  2:00 
36The Carman's whistle  cha  4:00 
37Wilson's Wilde  hsc  1:30 
38The Bells of Osney  hsc  5:30 
39A Horne Pipe  hsc  6:30 
40The Hunt's Up  hsc  7:19 
42The Second Ground  mus  9:00 
43A Grounde BK43  mus   
44Monsieur's Alman III  hsc   
45Corranto  hsc  1:10 
46A Fancie     Song
47Clarifica Me, Pater, 2 Parts I      
48Clarifica Me, Pater, 3 Parts II      
49Clarifica Me, Pater, 4 Parts III      
50Gloria Tibi Trinitas     Hymn
51Parson's In nomine  cha  3:00Dances
52Pavana and Galiarda BK52  hsc  7:00 
53Fantasia a 6 in G minor no 1 (Galliard) G-hsc  1:44Fantasy
54Pavana Lachrymae  mus  6:00 
55Harding's Galliard  mus  3:00 
56All in a garden greene  hsc  4:52 
57My Ladye Nevell's Grownde  hsc  5:18 
58Ut, Re, Mee, Fa, Sol, La for twoThe a second Person. mus  3:03 
59Bray Paven and Galliard  hsc  6:00 
60Ph. Tregian's pavana and galiarda  mus  7:00 
61A Voluntarie, for my Ladye Nevell      
62Fantasia BK62     Fantasy
63Fantasia BK63  hsc  4:32Fantasy
64Ut, Re, Me, Fa, Sol, La BK64     Hymn
65Ut, Re, Mi BK65      
66Miserere I     Hymn
67Miserere II     Hymn
68Salvator Mundi I     Hymn
69Salvator Mundi II     Hymn
70Quadran Paven and Galliard  hsc  13:30 
71Paven and Galliarde BK71The second pavian hsc  5:00 
72Pavion and Galliard BK72  hsc  6:00 
73Paven and Galliard BK73  mus  4:00 
74The seventh pavian, Canon 2 parts in 1  mus  5:00 
75Lady Montegle's Paven  hsc  2:59 
76Pavin BK76  mus  3:00 
77Galliard BK77  mus  1:00Galliard
78The Ghost  hsc  2:58 
79Go from my window  hsc  4:17 
80Gypseis Round  hsc  4:43 
81Jhon come kisse me nowJohn come kiss me now hsc  5:30 
82The Mayden's Songe     5:28Hymn
83O Mistris myne, I must  hsc  6:21 
84Sellinger's Rownde  hsc  6:00 
85Will yow walke the woods so wylde  mus  4:30 
86A Grounde BK86  mus  5:49 
87Monsieur's Alman I  hsc   
88Monsieur's Alman II  hsc   
89An Almane  mus  1:20 
90La Volta in G minor "Lady Morley"  hsc  1:28 
91La Volta  hsc  1:24 
92The Barley Break  hsc  8:30 
93The Marche before the Battell  mus  4:12 
94The Battell     12:50Hymn
95The Galliard for the Victorie  mus  1:59 
100Pavan and Galliard     Hymn
108Sermone blando a 3  cha   
114Eccho paven and galliard  hsc  6:30 
116A Preludium     Prelude
117An Alman      
118If My Complaints, or Pyper     Song
121Christe Qui Lux     Hymn
127Sermone blando a 4 No. 1  cha   
 An Old Epitaph  lut   
 Ave Verum Corpus     4:30Hymn
 Browning a 5  cha   
 Bow thine ear     Anthem
 Constant Penelope     2:30Song
 Cradle song     3:30Berceuse
 Civitas Sancti Tui     Hymn
 Fantasia a 3 no 1 in C major C+cha  Fantasy
 Fantasia a 3 no 2 in C major C+cha  Fantasy
 Fantasia a 3 no 3 in C major C+cha  Fantasy
 Fantasia a 4 in A minor     Fantasy
 Haec Dies6 part motet for easter    Motet
 La Coranto  cha   
 Monsieurs Almaine  cha  Dances
 Mass for Four Voices   1592 26:00Mass
 Mass for Five Voices   1595 Mass
 Mass for Three Voices   1594 21:30Mass
 Ne irascaris domine - Civitas Sancti Tui     6:30Hymn
 Non Nobis Domine     Other religious
 O God, the proud are risen against me     Anthem
 O Lord, give ear     Anthem
 O you that hear this voice     6:30Song
 Rejoice, rejoice, with heart and voice     Anthem
 Sing joyfully unto God our strength     Anthem
 Tristitia et anxietas     8:00Motet
 The Earl of Oxford's March      
 Tregian's Ground  cha  Dances
 The Great Service     44:00Mass
 Teach me, O Lord     Anthem
 Vigilate     4:00Hymn
 Viderunt omnes     Hymn
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