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Thomas Campion

12 feb 1567 (London) - 1 mar 1620
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Worklist for Thomas Campion

Also: Thomas Campian

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41 works
A Wedding Maske  lut   
Are You What Your Faire Lookes Expresse?  lut   
Author of Light, Revive My Dying Spright  lut   
Awake Thou Spring of Speaking Grace  lut   
Beauty Is But a Painted Hell  lut   
Beauty, Since You So Much Desire  lut   
Come Let Us Sound With Melody the Praises  lut   
Come, Cheerful day  lut   
Come, You Pretty False-Ey'd Wanton  lut   
Cypress curtain of the night  lut   
Fain Would I Wed  lut   
Faire If You Expect Admiring  lut   
Fire, Fire, Fire, Fire  lut   
Follow Thy Fair Sun  lut   
Follow Your Saint  lut   
I Care Not For These Ladies  lut   
If Thou Longst So Much To Learn  lut   
It Fell on a Summer's Day  lut   
Kinde Are Her Answers  lut   
Love Me or Not, Love Her I Must or Dye  lut   
Move Now With Measured Sound  lut   
Never Love Unlesse You Can  lut   
Never Weather-Beaten Sails  lut  1:15 
Now Hath Flora Robbed Her Bowers  lut   
O Never to Be Moved  lut   
Oft Have I Sighed For Him That Hears Me Not  lut   
Pin'd I Am, and Like to Dye  lut   
Rose Cheek'd Laura, Come  lut   
See Where She Flies Enrag'd from Me  lut   
Shall I Come Sweet Love to Thee?  lut   
So Tyr'd Are All My Thoughts  lut   
Sweet Exclude Me Not nor Be Divided  lut   
The Sypres Curten of the Night  lut   
There Is a Garden in Her Face  lut   
Though you are young and I am old  lut   
To Music Bent is my Retired Mind   1613 Song
Turn Back, You Wanton Flyer  lut   
What Then is Love But Mourning  lut   
When to Her Lute Corrina Sings  lut   
Woo Her and Win Her  lut   
Your Faire Lookes  lut   
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