Joseph Canteloube  

Chants d'Auvergne

Song cycle
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Chants d'Auvergne (French pronunciation: [ʃɑ̃ dovɛːʁɲ]; English: Songs from the Auvergne) is a collection of folk songs from the Auvergne region of France arranged for soprano voice and orchestra or piano by Joseph Canteloube between 1923 and 1930. The songs are in the local language, Occitan. The best known of the songs is the "Baïlèro", which has been frequently recorded and performed in slight variations of Canteloube's arrangement, such as for choir or instrumental instead of the original soprano solo.

The first recording, of eleven of the songs, was by Madeleine Grey in 1930, with an ensemble conducted by Élie Cohen. The songs are part of the standard repertoire and have been recorded by many singers.

The melodic elements of two of these songs, "Baïlèro" and "Obal, din lou limouzi (La-bas dans le limousin)", were incorporated into William Walton's soundtrack for Laurence Olivier's film Henry V. "Baïlèro" (sometimes known as "Le Baylere" or "The Shepherd's Song") has also been re-arranged for full chorus by Goff Richards, music director of National Youth Choir of Great Britain.[1] It was recorded by Tony Osborne Sound for use in a Dubonnet advertisement in 1972.[2]


The five series

1st Series

  • “La pastoura als camps (La bergère aux champs)”
  • “Baïlèro (Chant de bergers de Haute-Auvergne)”
  • “Trois bourrées”
    • “L'aio de rotso (L'eau de source)”
    • “Ound'onoren gorda ? (Où irons-nous garder?)”
    • “Obal, din lou limouzi (La-bas dans le limousin)”

2nd Series

  • “Pastourelle”
  • “L'Antouèno (L'Antoine)”
  • “La pastrouletta e lou chibalie (La bergère et le cavalier)”
  • “La delaïssádo (La delaissée)”
  • “Deux bourrées”
    • “N'ai pas ieu de mio (Je n'ai pas d'amie)”
    • “Lo calhe (La caille)”

3rd Series

  • “Lo fiolairé (La fileuse)”
  • “Passo pel prat (Viens par le pré)”
  • “Lou boussu (Le bossu)”
  • “Brezairola (Berceuse)”
  • “Malurous qu'o uno fenno (Malheureux qui a une femme)”

4th Series

  • “Jou l'Pount d'o Mirabel (Au Pont de Mirabel)”
  • “Oï ayaï”
  • “Pour l'enfant”
  • “Chut, chut”
  • “Pastorale”
  • “Lou coucut (Le coucou)”

5th Series

  • “Obal, din lo coumbèlo(Au loin, la-bas dans la vallée)”
  • “Quan z'eyro petitoune (Lorsque j'étais petite)”
  • “Là-haut, sur le rocher”
  • “Hé! beyla-z-y dau fé! (Hé! donne-lui du foin!)”
  • “Postouro, se tu m'aymo (Bergère si tu m'aimes)”
  • “Tè, l'co tè (Va, l'chien, va!)”
  • “Uno jionto postouro (Reg Ret) (Une jolie bergère)”
  • “Lou diziou bé (On dirait bien)”



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