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Alfredo Catalani

19 jun 1854 (Lucca) - 7 aug 1893 (Milano)
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Worklist for Alfredo Catalani

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name cmt key instr year time genre
21 works
A sera  pno   
Andantino, for orchestra in A major A+orc   
Contemplazione in B flat majorTwo versions: one for orchestra and one for pianoBb+orc   
Danza caratteristica  pno,vln   
Dejanice   1883 Opera
Edmea   1886 Opera
Elda   1880 Opera
Ero e Leandro     Symphonic poem
Fugue for 3 voices in G major G+voc3  Fugue
Fugue for string quartet in D minor D-cha  Fugue
Fugue for string trio in A minor A-cha  Fugue
Il mattinoRomantic sinfonia for orchestra. orc   
La Falce   1875 Opera
La notteDescriptive sinfonia for orchestra. orc   
La Wally   1892 Opera
Loreley   1880 Opera
Scherzo in A majorTwo versions: one for orchestra and one for piano.    Scherzo
Serenata Andalusia  pno,vln   
Serenatella  pno  Serenade
String Quartet in A minor A-   String quartet
Symphony in F major F+   Symphony
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