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Antonín Dvořák

8 sep 1841 (Nelahozeves) - 1 may 1904 (Prague)

Books about Antonín Dvořák and his music

Knopf, 1987; ISBN 0394546814; 322 pages
In 1892, at the height of his prodigious powers, Anton Dvorak was persuaded to leave his native Bohemia to come to New York to be director of the National Conservatory for Music. This splendid novel tells the story of Dvorak's utterly requited love affair with America. Price indication: $ 0.18
bookJoseph Horowitz Dvorak in America: In Search of the World
Cricket Books, 2003; ISBN 0812626818; 160 pages
Antonin Dvorak's New World Symphony is one of the most popular classical works ever. In this spirited account of the story behind the composition, Joseph Horowitz brings to life the diverse musical and cultural influences that inspired the composer, who came from Czechoslovakia to America in 1892. Listening to his assistant, Henry Burleigh, sing slave songs, and visiting Wild West shows and the Kickapoo Medicine Show gave Dvorak the raw material from which to compose his masterpiece that, to both popular audiences and critics, captures the vibrancy and power of American music. Illustrated with archival black-and-white photos, and including index and source notes for further research, this book brings the dramatic and inspiring story of a musical masterpiece to life for young readers. Price indication: $ 11.67
bookMichael Beckerman Dvorak and His World (The Bard Music Festival)
Princeton University Press, 1993; ISBN 0691000972; 296 pages
Antonin Dvorák made his famous trip to the United States one hundred years ago, but despite an enormous amount of attention from scholars and critics since that time, he remains an elusive figure. Comprising both interpretive essays and a selection of fascinating documents that bear on Dvorák's career and music, this volume addresses fundamental questions about the composer while presenting an argument for a radical reappraisal. The essays, which make up the first part of the book, begin with Leon Botstein's inquiry into the reception of Dvorák's work in German-speaking Europe, in England, and in America. Commenting on the relationship between Dvorák and Brahms, David Beveridge offers the first detailed portrait of perhaps the most interesting artistic friendship of the era. Joseph Horowitz explores the context in which the "New World" Symphony was premiered a century ago, offering an absorbing account of New York musical life at that time. In discussing Dvorák as a composer of operas, Jan Smaczny provides an unexpected slant on the widely held view of him as a "nationalist" composer. Michael Beckerman further investigates this view of Dvorák by raising the question of the role nationalism played in music of the nineteenth century. The second part of this volume presents Dvorák's correspondence and reminiscences as well as unpublished reviews and criticism from the Czech press. It includes a series of documents from the composer's American years, a translation of the review of Rusalka 's premiere with the photographs that accompanied the article, and Janácek's analyses of the symphonic poems. Many of these documents are published in English for the first time. Price indication: $ 17.79
bookNeil Wenborn Dvorak: His Life and Music (His Life & Music)
Naxos Book, 2008-03-01; ISBN 1843791161; 240 pages
Catapulted to international fame by the runaway success of his Slavonic Dances, Dvorák was, by the end of his life, one of the world's most celebrated composers. Yet his proudest boast was that he remained at heart a simple Czech musician, as inspired by the folk traditions of his native land as by the masterworks of Mozart, Beethoven and Wagner. This book traces the course of an extraordinary creative career that embraced the peasant music-making of rural Bohemia, the grand receptions of Victorian England and the dynamism of fin-de-siècle New York to shape the most versatile genius in the annals of late Romanticism. Contains 2 CDs of music spanning Dvorák's career. Free access to a dedicated website with music. Part of the affordable Life and Music series from Naxos Books, utilizing both traditional and new media. Price indication: $ 12.25
bookDavid Hurwitz Dvorak : Romantic Music's Most Versatile Genius (Unlocking the Masters)
Amadeus Press, 2005; ISBN 1574671073; 250 pages
The music of Antonin Dvorák defies fashion. He is one of the very few composers whose works entered the international mainstream during his own lifetime, and some of them have remained there ever since. The pieces that historically define his inter Price indication: $ 17.61
bookJosef Skvorecky Dvorak in Love: A Light-Hearted Dream
W. W. Norton & Company, 1988; ISBN 0393305481; 348 pages
In 1892, at the height of his prodigious powers, Anton Dvorak was persuaded to leave his native Bohemia to come to New York to be director of the National Conservatory for Music. This splendid novel tells the story of Dvorak's utterly requited love affair with America. Price indication: $ 10.01
bookKurt Honolka Dvorak
Haus Pub., 2005; ISBN 1904341527; 166 pages
This is the first biography of the famous Czech composer Antonín Dvorák (1841-1904) to be published in English in more than a decade, released on the centenary of his death. Kurt Honolka weaves the story of Dvorák's life into the rich tapestry of the political and social tensions of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the twilight of its power. Honolka sets the scene for Dvorák's 'American' music and his return from the United States, providing a fascinating context for his most famous work, the Ninth Symphony from the New World. Price indication: $ 16.95
bookMichael Beckerman and Michael, B. Beckerman New Worlds of Dvorak: Searching in America for the Composer's Inner Life
W. W. Norton & Company, 2003; ISBN 0393047067; 256 pages
A forceful reinterpretation of the composer's personality and work. Focusing on Dvorák's three-year stay in the United States, this book explores the world behind the public legend, concluding that the composer suffered from a debilitating and previously unexplored anxiety disorder. Readers of this book will gain a rich view of Dvorák that will deepen their understanding of his works, especially his Symphony From the New World. Audio compact disc included; 16 pages of b/w illustrations. Price indication: $ 19.77
bookJan Smaczny and Julian Rushton Dvorak Cello Concerto (Cambridge Music Handbooks)
Cambridge University Press, 1999; ISBN 0521669030; 132 pages
Although Dvorák's cello concerto is enormously popular, no extended study of it has been undertaken hitherto. This book is a comprehensive study intended for concertgoers and students of this well-loved work. It considers aspects of historical background, form, virtuosity, performance and the concerto's rich personal content. This guide sees the work as a crucial means of exploring the composer's emotional life and links it intimately to the woman who was probably his first love. Price indication: $ 22.99
bookCAROLE LEXA SCHAEFER and ELIZABETH ROSEN Two Scarlet Songbirds : A Story of Anton Dvorak
Knopf Books for Young Readers, 2001; ISBN 0375810226; 40 pages
Fact and fiction come together in a magically imagined tale of the composer Anton Dvorák’s inspiration for “American Quartet.” Transfixed by the birdsong of the little Iowa river town where he and his family are spending the summer, Dvorák seeks out the beautiful song of the scarlet tanager. And as the tanager woos a mate and begins to build a nest, Dvorák writes the bird’s music down on everything from paper to shirtsleeves. At the end of one long summer evening, the scarlet tanager hears familiar music from the town’s schoolhouse and settles on a branch nearby to listen. Inside, Dvorák and his friends play the first rehearsal of “American Quartet,” inspired by the little songbird. Then, while one plays on, the other flies home. Price indication: $ 16.95
bookNeil Butterworth Dvorak (The Illustrated Lives of the Great Composers)
Omnibus Press, 1984; ISBN 0711902569; 135 pages
This series of biographies presents the great composers against the background of their times. Each draws on personal letters and recollections, engravings, paintings and, when they exist, photographs, to present a complete picture of the composer’s life. Price indication: $ 19.95
bookOtaker Dvorak and Paul J. Polansky Antonin Dvorak, My Father
Czech Historical Research Ctr, 1993-07-01; ISBN 0963673408; 195 pages
Antonin Dvorak, My Father is a personal biography by his son Otakar who at the age of seventy-five years old decided to "write about the events missing from the other books about my father. " For musicologists, Otakar's biography of his father contains many new items, but basically the book portrays Dvorak as a father. Story after story discloses Dvofak's real identity, captured in simple words by his son, while the great composer's work and profession linger in the background. Otakar reveals in detail how his father decided to come to America. Later, after Otakar joined his parents in New York, the family set out for Spiliville. Otakar tells many stories about his father in this Czech-American community in northeastern Iowa. Dvorak's symphony From the New World was the rage of New York in December of 1893, but Otakar recalls it for a much different reason. Dvorak's depression in New York has seldom been mentioned, much less understood. But through the eyes of nine year old Otakar there is a poignancy that few musical historians could present. Otakar remembers many stories told by Dvotak's friends and pupils. These colorful stories carry us through the chapters, giving us the background to Dvofak's career and life. Otakar relates several gems for the musical historian, but the story about how his father solved a problem in his most famous opera might be the best. Otakar wrote his book to say..."ad memoriam lather. " But Otakar's epilogue for this book written a few days before his own death divulged as much about himself as his stories did about his father. Price indication: $ 218.78
bookJohn C. Tibbetts Dvorak in America
Amadeus Press, 1993; ISBN 093134056X; 452 pages
"What a wonderful manuscript! The most impressive aspect is the artful way the volume flows effortlessly from one chapter - and one section - to the next. Of all the books on American music at the turn of the century, none brings together so many interesting and richly interrelated dimensions as Dvorak in America. Congratulations!" Dr. Robert Winter Chair, Department of Music, UCLA Price indication: $ 129.42
bookMarjorie Kiel Persons Antonin Dvorak From the New World with Lyrics
Classical Magic, Inc., 2004; ISBN 0967599768; 80 pages
Antonin Dvorak From the New World with Lyrics is a fully illustrated library quality book with a CD. It includes Dvorak's portrait and the author's kid-friendly biography of Dvorak in prose and in lyrics for the twelve themes of The New World Symphony. The CD contains two tracks for each of the themes, a track of the music only followed by a track of the lyrics sung to the music. The last four tracks of the CD contain the complete orchestrated symphony. The volume celebrates Dvorak's Centennial (1841 - 1904). Price indication: $ 31.95
bookJohn Clapham Dvorák
Norton, 1979; ISBN 0393012042; 238 pages Price indication: $ 7.99
bookHans-Hubert Schonzeler Dvorak
Marion Boyars, 1984; ISBN 0714525758; 240 pages Price indication: $ 54.26
bookDvorak Sesquicentennial Conference and Festival in America and David R. Beveridge Rethinking Dvorak: Views from Five Countries
Oxford University Press, 1996; ISBN 0198164114; 328 pages
This book's twenty-four essays offer the latest insights into this Czech composer by experts worldwide, including many Czechs who have never before published in English. They present new viewpoints reflecting the changed political climate in Eastern Europe; and emphasize Dvorak's significance not only as a Czech nationalist, but as a composer whose message is universally understood. Price indication: $ 87.00
bookNeil Butterworth Dvorak: His Life and Times
Midas Books, 1980; ISBN 085936142X; 135 pages Price indication: $ 1.99
bookAlec Robertson Dvorak
Littlefield Adams, 1974; ISBN 0822607107 Price indication: $ 60.51

Sheet music, libretti, etc.

Carnival Overture, Op. 92 (B. 169) - Eulenburg (Schott)

Complete Legends, Op. 59, for Piano Four Hands - Dover Publications

Complete Slavonic Dances for Piano Four Hands - Dover Publications

Concerto in B minor - Opus 104 for Cello and Piano - International Music Company

Dvorak - Symphony No. 9 in E Minor ("From the New World") - Hal Leonard Corporation

Dvorak Op.99 : Biblical Songs - For Low Voice (Schirmer's Library of Musical Classics, Vol. 1825) - G. Schirmer, Inc.

Dvorak, Rimsky-Korsakov and More : The Orchestra Musician's CD-ROM Library Vol. V - Hal Leonard Corporation

Dvorak: Complete Piano Works I (Music Scores) - Konemann

Great Romantic Cello Concertos in Full Score - Dover Publications

Humoresques and Other Works for Solo Piano - Dover Publications

Serenade in D Minor, Op. 44: for Wind Instruments (Schott) - Eulenburg

Serenade No. 1 & Serenade No. 2 - Dover Publications

Slavonic Dances, Op 46 in Full Score - Dover Publications

Sonatina for Violin and Piano, Op. 100 - G. Schirmer, Inc.

Stabat Mater in Full Score - Dover Publications

Symphonies Nos. 4 and 5 in Full Score (Dover Orchestral Scores) - Dover Publications

Symphonies Nos. 6 and 7 in Full Score - Dover Publications

Symphony No. 7 in D Minor, Op. 70 (Old No. 2): Study Score (Schott) - Eulenburg

Symphony No. 8 In G Major, Op. 88, Symphony No. 9 In E Minor, Op. 95 ("New World (New World in Full Score) - Dover Publications

Symphony No. 9 (Dover Miniature Scores) - Dover Publications

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