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23 nov 1876 (Cádiz) - 14 nov 1946 (Alta Gracia)

Books about Manuel de Falla and his music

bookCarol A. Hess Sacred Passions: The Life and Music of Manuel De Falla
Oxford University Press, 2004; ISBN 0195145615; 368 pages
The work of composer Manuel de Falla (1876-1946) ranges from late-romantic salon pieces to evocations of flamenco to stark neoclassicism. Yet his music has met with conflicting reactions, depending on the audience. In his native Spain, Falla is considered the most innovative composer of the first half of the twentieth century. Likewise, in the United States, Falla enjoyed a strong following in the concert hall. But many of his works, especially some of the "colorful" or "exotic" dances from The Three-Cornered Hat and El Amor Brujo, were taken up during the Latin music craze of the 1930s and 40s and appeared in everything from jazz and pop arrangements to MGM musicals. Similarly enigmatic are the details of Falla's life. He never sustained a lasting, intimate relationship with a woman, yet he created compelling female roles for the lyric stage. Although he became incensed when publishers altered his music, he more than once tinkered with Chopin and Debussy. Despite insisting that he was apolitical, Falla ultimately took sides in the Spanish Civil War, initially allying himself rather half-heartedly with Franco's Nationalists but later rejecting the honors they proffered. All his life, his rigorous brand of Roman Catholicism brought him both solace and agony in his quest for spiritual and artistic perfection. In Sacred Passions: The Life and Music of Manuel de Falla, Carol A. Hess explores these contradictions and offers a fresh understanding of this fascinating composer. Building on over a decade of research, Hess examines Falla's work in terms of musical style and explores the cultural milieus in which he worked. During a seven-year sojourn to Paris just pior to World War I, Falla associated with composers Dukas, Stravinsky, Ravel, and the rest of the group known as les Apaches. Later, back in Spain, he played a pivotal role in the remarkable cultural renaissance known as the "Silver Age," during which Lorca, Bunuel, Dali, Unamuno-and of course Falla himself-made some of their boldest artistic statements. Hess also explores a number of myths cultivated in earlier biographies, including Falla's supposed misogynistic tendencies and accusations of homosexuality, which have led some biographers to consider him a saint-like ascetic. She offers a balanced view of his behavior during the Spanish Civil War, a wrenching event for a Spaniard of his generation, and one that Falla biographers have left largely untouched. With superb analysis of his music and enlightening detail about its critical reception, Hess also examines Falla's status in some circles as little more than a high-class pop composer, given the mass appeal of much of his music. She incorporates recent research on Falla, draws upon untapped sources in the Falla archives, and reevaluates his work in terms of current issues in musicology. Ultimately, Hess places Falla's variegated ouevre, which straddles popular and serious idioms, securely among the best of his better-known European contemporaries. What emerges is a gracefully written, balanced portrait of a man whose lofty spiritual values inspired singular musical utterances but were often at odds with the decidedly imperfect world he inhabited. Price indication: $ 32.02
bookCarol A. Hess Manuel de Falla and Modernism in Spain, 1898-1936
University Of Chicago Press, 2002; ISBN 0226330389; 344 pages
Although studies of Modernism have focused largely on European nations, Spain has been conspicuously neglected. As Carol A. Hess argues in this compelling book, such neglect is wholly undeserved. Through composer Manuel de Falla (1876-1946), Hess explores the advent of Modernism in Spain in relation to political and cultural tensions prior to the Spanish Civil War. The result is a fresh view of the musical life of Spain that departs from traditional approaches to the subject and reveals an open and constantly evolving aesthetic climate. Price indication: $ 60.00
bookde Falla de Falla: Ritual Fire Dance with CD (Audio) (Concert Performer)
Amsco Music, 2002; ISBN 0825617529; 12 pages
Now the greatest piano pieces of all time are available as individual sheets with a matching CD. Price indication: $ 6.95
bookSuzanne Demarquez Manuel De Falla
Chilton, 1968-01-01 Price indication: $ 2.40
bookNancy Lee Harper Manuel de Falla : His Life and Music
Scarecrow Press, Inc., 2005; ISBN 0810854171; 544 pages
Drawing extensively on primary sources, this study in three parts provides a detailed biography, examines the most prominent aspects of Fallas character as they pertained to his relationships with other composers and his own music, and sheds light on his creative process as a composer through examination of many of his works with reference to original scores and correspondence, many of which are published here for the first time. A chronological photo section rounds this offering of great significance for music teachers and students as well as those with an interest in Spanish culture. Price indication: $ 49.95
bookManzani Diaz Agen and Juan Perez De Ayala and Chi Qui Abril Manuel de Falla: His Life & Works
Omnibus Press, 1999; ISBN 0711969094; 200 pages
Viewed as the greatest Spanish composer of the modern era, Manuel de Falla's reputation rests on only a few works. This work documents his life, including his travels at home and abroad, his meetings with Ravel and Debussy, and his move to the Americas at the outbreak of World War II. Price indication: $ 13.14
VDM Verlag, 2009-06-05; ISBN 3639153782; 96 pages
The intention of this study is to demonstrate how special modal and tonal constructions and their interactions in Cuatro Piezas Españoles (1906-1909) are basic in the integration of Manuel de Falla?s musical language. His modal techniques represent a significant contribution to the rebirth of Spanish nationalism. His use of modal variants, which are derived from his native folk-music sources, is the basis for expanding his musical language into a large-scale system. In this work, Falla employs various means of transforming the modes into a modernistic idiom. Although Falla wrote few piano works in general, Cuatro Piezas Españoles is exemplary of his development from Romantic tonality to the modalities of Spanish folk music. Thus, the study of Cuatro Piezas Españoles seems to be an ideal compositional source for evaluating Falla?s compositional process during the period of integration of his musical language. This treatise demonstrates how special modal and tonal constructions and their synthesis basic in the formulation and interoperation of the composer?s means of expression. Price indication: $ 53.72
bookSuzanne Demarquez Manuel De Falla (Da Capo Press Music Reprint Series)
Da Capo Press, 1983; ISBN 0306762048; 253 pages Price indication: $ 7.00
bookGilbert Chase Manuel de Falla: A bibliography and research guide (Garland composer resource manuals)
Garland Pub, 1986; ISBN 0824087852; 145 pages Price indication: $ 223.16

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