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Josef Bohuslav Foerster

30 dec 1859 (Dětenice) - 29 may 1951 (Nový Vestec)
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Worklist for Josef Bohuslav Foerster

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name cmt key instr year time genre
45 works
3String quintet   1886  
8Piano Trio no.1 in F minor F- 1883 Piano trio
9Symphony no. 1 in D minor  orc1888 Symphony
10Violin Sonata in A minor A-vln,pno1889 Violin Sonata
11Scherzo for piano  pno  Scherzo
15String quartet no.1 in E major E+stq1888 String quartet
23Erotikon for piano  pno   
29Symphony no. 2 in F major F+orc1893 Symphony
32Te Deum Laudamus     Hymn
36Symphony no. 3 in D major "Život" D+orc1895 Symphony
37Choruses for male voices     Song cycle
38Piano Trio no.2 in B major B+ 1894 Mass
39String quartet no.2 in D major D+stq1893 String quartet
41Debora   1890 Opera
50Eva   1897 Opera
53Lieder der sehnsucht6 songs    Song cycle
54Symphony no. 4 in C minor "Veliká noc" C-orc1905 Symphony
55Cyrano de Bergerac  orc  Suite
56Stabat mater for mixed chorus and organ  cho,org  Stabat mater
61String quartet no.3 in C major C+atq1913 String quartet
70Slavnostní   1907 Overture
76From Shakespeare  orc   
92Ballade for violin and orchestra  vln,orc  Ballade
93Springtime and Desire  orc   
95Quintet   1909 20:00 
100Nepřemožení   1917 Opera
105Piano Trio no.3 in A minor A- 1920 Piano trio
122Srdce   1922 Opera
128Fantasy for violin and piano  vln,pno  Fantasy
135Impromptu for organ  org  Impromptus
138Piano quintet   1928 Piano quintet
141Symphony no. 5 in D minor D-orc1929 Symphony
143Cello Concerto  cel,orc1930 Cello concerto
146Te Deum   1931 Other religious
147Nonet D+flu,obo,cla,bsn,hor,vla,vln,cel,dbv1931  
151Klekání  cho,orc   
158Bloud   1936 Opera
170Missa in honorem sanctissimae trinitatis   1940 Mass
182String quartet no.4 in F major  stq1944 String quartet
183Little suite for two violins  vln2  Suite
185Missa in honorem Beatae Mariae Virginis   1948 Mass
188Missa in honorem S. Adalberti   1947 Mass
193bCapriccio for flute and orchestra  flu,orc  Capriccio
 Bassoon Concerto     13:30Concerto
 String quartet no.5 in F major "Vestecký"  stq1951 String quartet
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