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Baldassare Galuppi

18 oct 1706 (Burano) - 3 jan 1785 (Venezia)

Books about Baldassare Galuppi and his music

bookCAROLYN DUNLOP and Carolyn C. Dunlop The Russian Court Chapel Choir; Galuppi to Vorotnikov; Bakhmetev to Lyapunov (Music Archive Publications)
Routledge, 2000; ISBN 9058232085; 570 pages
This detailed account of the Kapella (Russian Court Chapel Choir) examines the influence it exerted on the development of Russian sacred music. The educational importance of the institution has always been overshadowed by the achievements of the St. Petersburg Conservatoire; Dr Dunlop investigates the consequences of the Kapella's monopoly on music publications." The wonderfully rich choral repertoire of the Russian Orthodox Church has, until now, been unavailable to most English-speaking choirs due to the problems of language and accessibility. Two volumes of Russian Court Chapel Choir music, Galuppi to Vorotnikov and Bakhmetev to Lyapunov, are available separately in performing editions. They are easily accessible sources of nineteenth-century Russian choral pieces by a range of composers, in a variety of styles." Carolyn Dunlop received a postgraduate degree in Russian language from the University of Strathclyde. She was awarded her doctorate in Russian Orthodox Church mu Price indication: $ 114.95
bookCAROLYN DUNLOP Galuppi to Vorotnikov: Music of the Russian Court Chapel Choir I (Music Archive Publications)
Routledge, 2000; ISBN 9057550423; 176 pages
A performing edition of nineteenth century Russian choral pieces by a range of composers in a variety of styles, this volume was prepared to accompany the book The Russian Court Chapel Choir by Carolyn C. Dunlop. Price indication: $ 100.00

Sheet music, libretti, etc.

9 Sonatas for Piano or Harpsichord - No publisher

Magnificat for Solo Voices, Mixed Chorus and Orchestra (Vocal Score) - Walton music Corporation

Six Sonatas. For keyboard instruments. Selected and edited by Edith Woodcock,etc - Galaxy Music Corp

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