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Arnold, M.(1921)
4 scottish dances for orchestra (2)

Ben-Haim, P.(1897)
Improvisation and Dance for Violin and Piano (1)

Brahms, J.(1833)
Hungarian Dances (9)

Byrd, W.(1543)
The Earle of Salisbury pavana and galiardo's (1)

Chabrier, E.(1841)
Bourrée fantasque (1)

Chance, J.B.(1932)
Incantation and Dance (1)

Chopin, F.(1810)
4 Mazurkas Op. 24 (8)
Contredanse in G-flat major (1)
Polonaise no. 11 in G minor (3)
Polonaise no. 14 in G sharp minor (2)
Polonaise No. 5 in F sharp Minor (3)
Polonaise No. 6 A flat Major 'Heroic' (5)
Polonaise-fantasie A flat Major (6)
Polonaises op 26 (6)
Polonaises Op. 40 (8)

Dittersdorf, K.D. von(1739)
20 English Dances (1)
3 English dances (1)

Dvořák, A.(1841)
Slavonic dances 1st series (2)
Slavonic dances 2nd Series (2)

Françaix, J.(1912)
5 Danses exotiques for Alto Sax and Piano (2)

Granados, E.(1867)
Danza lenta for Piano (1)
Spanish dances op. 37 (5)
Spanish dances op. 5 (2)

Grieg, E.H.(1843)
Norwegian Folk-Songs and Dances, Op17 (1)
Halffter, E.(1905)
Habanera for Piano (1)

Haydn, F.J.(1732)
10 Menuets for piano (1)

Kodály, Z.(1882)
Dances of Galanta (1)

Kreisler, F.(1875)
Danse Espagnole (De Falla) (1)

Lavry, M.(1903)
3 Jewish dances (1)

Lecuona, E.(1895)
19th Century Cuban Dances (1)
Danzas afro-cubanas (3)

Liszt, F.(1811)
Mephisto Waltz No 1 (5)

Manén, J.(1883)
El cavaller enamorat (1)

Milhaud, D(1892)
Danse for saxophone & piano (1)

Moszkowski, M.(1854)
5 Spanish dances (2)

Nazareth, E.(1863)
If I Am Not Mistaken (1)
Nove de Maio (1)
Suculento (1)

Ornstein, L.(1893)
Tarantelle (1)
Rachmaninov, S.(1873)
Polka de WR (2)

Reis, D.(1916)
Se Ela Perguntar (1)

Respighi, O.(1879)
Ancient airs and dances (1)

Rodrigo, J.(1901)
3 Danzas de España (1)

Saint-Saëns, C.(1835)
Tarantella in A minor (1)

Shostakovich, D.(1906)
3 Fantastic Dances (2)

Strauss, J. (jr)(1825)
Annen Polka (1)
Pizzicato Polka (mit Josef) (1)
Tritsch Tratsch Polka (1)

Strauss, J. (sr)(1804)
Ballnacht Galopp (1)

Susato, T.(1500)
Schaeffertanz (1)

Ticheli, F.(1958)
San Antonio Dances (1)

Traditional Irish
The Kerry Dance (1)

Traditional Italian
Chomiciamento di Gioia (1)

Turina, j.(1882)
Danzas gitanas op. 55 (1)

Weiss, S.L.(1686)
Courante in D minor (1)

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