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Orlando Gibbons

1583 (Oxford) - 5 jun 1625 (Canterbury)

Books about Orlando Gibbons and his music

bookJohn Harley Orlando Gibbons and the Gibbons Family of Musicians
Ashgate Pub Ltd, 1999; ISBN 184014209X; 341 pages
A study of the life and music of Orlando Gibbons (1583-1625). It investigates in detail the family and musical background from which Orlando Gibbons emerged, and provides an account of the activities of his father, William Gibbons. It traces, too, the activities of Orlando's brothers - Edward, Ferdinando and Ellis. Since Edward Gibbons achieved a degree of eminence, the description of his life and music is quite full. Attention naturally focuses principally on Orlando Gibbons. A full record is given of his remarkably youthful appointment as an organist of the Chapel Royal (he was probably less than 20 at the time) and of his life at court. His additional appointments as one of Prince Charles's musicians and as organist of Westminster Abbey are also described, as is his sudden and premature death in his early forties. Gibbons's music is examined in a series of chapters dealing with his pieces for keyboard and for viols, his songs, his full and verse anthems, and his works for the Anglican liturgy. His development as a composer within these genres is followed, and the character of particular pieces is considered. Price indication: $ 109.95
bookEdmund Horace Fellowes Orlando Gibbons and his family;: The last of the Tudor school of musicians
Archon Books, 1970; ISBN 0208008489; 109 pages Price indication: $ 245.75
bookEdmund H. Fellowes Orlando Gibbons and His Family: The Last of the Tudor School of Musicians
Oxford University Press, 1951-01-01 Price indication: $ 15.00
bookE.H. Fellowes Orlando Gibbons and His Family: The last of the Tudor School of Musicians, Second Edition
Oxford Univ Pr, 1951 Price indication: $ 27.50

Sheet music, libretti, etc.

Core Repertory of Early American Psalmody Volume 11 and 12 in One Book (Recent Researches in American Music) - A-R Editions

London Street Cries - Schott - Mixed Choir (SSATB) with Strings - Viola/

Orlando Gibbons 1583-1625 : Complete Keyboard Works in Five Volumes : Volumes II, IV & V - Stainer & Bell Ltd.

The Orlando Gibbons tercentenary: Some virginal manuscripts in the Music division - The New York public library

Twenty Keyboard Pieces and One by Orlando Gibbons (Signature S.) - Associated Board of the Royal School of Music

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