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Mauro Giuliani

27 jul 1781 (Bisceglie?) - 8 may 1829 (Napoli)
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Worklist for Mauro Giuliani

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name cmt key instr year time genre
134 works
1Studio per la ChitarraBook with 4 parts: 120 arpeggios for the right hand, 16 pieces designed especially for left hand practice; 12 examples on style and ornaments; and 12 lessons. gui   
26 variations for guitar  gui1807 Variations
33 rondos for guitar op. 3  gui  Rondo
4Variations on a Theme by PaisielloSix Variations on "Nel cor più non mi sento". gui  Variations
5New Rondo after the bells of BolognaNew Rondo in imitation of the sound of the bells of Bologna (allegro vivace) gui  Rondo
68 variations  gui  Variations
76 variations on "Die feindlichen Volksstämme"Six Variations on a theme from the ballet "Die feindlichen Volksstämme". gui  Variations
83 rondos for guitar op. 8  gui  Rondo
96 variations for guitar op. 9  gui  Variations
10Amusements for guitar  gui   
11Capriceallegro vivace. gui   
1212 Monferrine  gui   
133 Romances for Voice and Guitar  voc,gui  Romance
146 Rondeaux Progressives for guitar  gui  Rondo
15Guitar Sonata in C major "Sonate brilliante"  gui  15:30 
16bPieces from "Il Barbiere di Siviglia"Pieces from the ballet "Il Barbiere di Siviglia". gui   
173 rondos op. 17  gui  Rondo
18First Potpourri  gui  Potpourri
19Serenade for violin, cello, and guitar  cel,gui,vln  Serenade
206 Variations on an Original Theme  gui   
2112 Waltzer op. 21  gui  Waltz
2212 new Wald-Ländler  gui   
24aVariations for Violin and Guitar in A minor  gui,vln  Variations
24b14 National Dances and 3 Marches  gui   
25Duo Concertante E-gui,vln1811 37:00 
26Potpourri op. 26  gui  Potpourri
27Marie Louise au berceau de son fils  voc,gui/pno  Song
28Potpourri op. 28  gui   
29Divertissements op. 29  gui  Divertimento
30Guitar Concerto No. 1 in A  gui   
31Troisième Grand Potpourri  gui  Potpourri
326 Easy Variations  gui   
3312 Ecossaises  gui  Dances
346 Variations op. 34  gui   
35Variations for 2 Guitars "Grandi variazioni concertanti"  gui2  Variations
36Guitar Concerto No. 2 in A  gui   
37Divertimenti op. 37  gui  Divertimento
386 variations on "a Schisserl und a Reindl"  gui   
396 Cavatinas      
40Divertimenti op. 40  gui  Divertimento
41Niaiserie d'enfant varié  gui   
42Quatrième Potpourri  gui  Potpourri
43Les Variétés Amusantes no. 1Les Variétés Amusantes ou Dépôt de pièces faciles. gui   
4412 Ländler op. 44  gui   
45Variations on "Follies d'Espagne"  gui  5:30Variations
46Choix de Mes Fleurs Chéries for guitarLe Bouquet Emblématique. gui   
4712 easy variations on a Austrian national air  gui   
4824 Esercizioset of 24 pieces of technical difficulty. gui   
49Variations on "I bin a Kohlbauern Bub"  gui  Variations
50Le Papillon  gui   
5118 Lecons Progressives (Eighteen progress  gui   
52Gran duetto concertante for Flute and Guitar  flu,gui  Duet
53Gran potpourri for Flute and Guitar op. 53  flu,gui  Potpourri
54Les Variétés Amusantes no. 2Variétés Amusantes ou Recueil de pièces faciles. gui   
56Divertimenti op. 56  gui   
5712 Walzer op. 57  gui  Waltz
586 Ländlers, 6 walses and 6 Ecossaises  gui   
59Recueil de pièces faciles et agréables  gui   
6011 variations on "Schöne Minke"XI Variazioni per Chitarra sul Tema originale Russo. gui   
61Grand Overture  gui  7:30 
62Variations for Guitar  gui  Variations
636 Variations for violin and guitar  gui,vln  Variations
646 variations on "Poschaluite sudarina"Six variations on the Russian air "Poschaluite sudarina". gui   
65Gran QuintettoVariations on "Nel cor più non mi sento" and Polonaise gui,stq  19:30Variations
663 Rondo's for 2 Guitars  gui2  Rondo
67Gran potpourri for 2 Guitars  gui2  Potpourri
682 Rondos for Piano and Guitar  gui,pno  Rondo
69La Lira Notturna20 pieces gui2   
70Guitar Concerto No. 3 in F  gui   
713 sonatinas  gui   
728 variations on "Jeannot et Colin"Eight variations on a duet from the opera "Jeannot et Colin". gui   
73Bagatelles  gui   
747 Pièces faciles et agréables  flu/vln,gui   
7512 Ländler and Coda for Flute and Guitar  flu,gui  Dances
76Potpourri tiré de l'opera Tancredi  flu,gui  Potpourri
77Duettino facile for Flute and Guitar  flu,gui  Duet
78Divertissements for guitar op. 78  gui  Divertimento
79Cavatina "Di tanti palpiti"  voc,gui/pno  Cavatina
816 Variations for Flute and Guitar  flu,gui  Variations
82Grande sérénade for Flute and Guitar  flu,gui  Serenade
836 Preludes for guitar  gui  Prelude
84Variations op. 84  flu/vln,gui/pno  Variations
85Gran Duo Concertant  gui  Duet
86Divertimenti notturni for Flute and Guitar  flu,gui  Divertimento
87Variations on a Theme from Rossini6 variations on "Di tanti palpiti" from Rossini's Tancredi. gui  Variations
88Variations on a Theme from Opera "Fanchon"Grandes Variations sur la romance favorite de l'Opéra Fanchon gui  Variations
896 Lieder op. 89  voc,gui/pno  Song cycle
9012 Waltzer  gui  Waltz
91Variations on "La Sentinelle"     Variations
93Grand Potpourri National  gui,pno  Potpourri
956 Ariettas  voc,gui/pno  Song cycle
963 sonates brillantes, faciles et agréable  gui  Sonata
97Variations on "Ich bin liederlich - Du bist liederlich"Variations on "Ich bin liederlich - Du bist liederlich". gui  Variations
98Studi dilettevoli8 relatively simple pieces. gui  Etude
99Variations on "Das ist alles eins, ob wir Geld haben oder keins"  gui  Variations
10024 Etudes instructives, faciles, et agréablesEtudes instructives, faciles, et agréables … contenant un Recueil de Cadences, Caprices, Rondeaux, et Préludes (Instructive, easy, and agreeable studies … containing a collection of cadences, caprices, rondos, and preludes)    Etude
101Variations on "Deh! calma, o ciel" (Rossini)Variations on "Deh! calma, o ciel" from Rossini's Otello. gui,stq  Variations
102Introduction and Variations for Guitar on a theme of GeneraliVariations on "Nume perdonami, se in tal instante" from Generali's I Baccanali di Roma. gui  Variations
103Introduction and Variations for Guitar and String Quartet  gui,stq  Variations
104Variations on "Partant pour la Syrie"  gui  Variations
105Variations on a romance from Liebe und RuhmVariations on a romance from the opera Liebe und Ruhm gui  Variations
106Divertissement op. 106  gui  Divertimento
107Variations on a Theme by HandelVariations on Händel's "The harmonious blacksmith" gui  10:00Variations
108Pot-Pourri Nazionale Romano  gui  Potpourri
109La Caccia, Gran Rondò  gui  Rondo
110Variations on a March by Cherubini  gui  Variations
111Le Ore d'Apollo11 easy piano pieces gui   
1126 Grande Variazioni  gui  Variations
113Fughetta  gui  Fugue
114Variations on a theme by Carafa  gui  Variations
116Le Avventure di Amore10 Walzes    Waltz
1186 variations op. 118  gui  Variations
119Rossiniana No. 1  gui   
120Rossiniana for Guitar no. 2      
121Rossiniana No. 3  gui   
122Rossiniana for Guitar no. 4      
123Rossiniana for Guitar no. 5      
124Rossiniana for Guitar no. 6      
1256 Irish national airs6 Arie nazionali irlandesi variate     
126Gran potpourri for Flute and Guitar op. 126  flu/vln,gui  Potpourri
127Serenade for Flute and Guitar in G major  flu,gui  Serenade
128Variations on "Io ti vidi e t'adorai" by Pacini  gui  Variations
130Variazioni Concertanti  gui2  12:00Variations
1373 Polonesi Concertanti  gui2  Dances
13924 Primi Lezioni  gui   
146Variations on themes from "La Cenerentola"  gui  Variations
147La Tersicore del Nord  gui   
147bVariations on "Tengo più di trent'un anni"  gui  Variations
148Giulianata for Guitar8 pieces gui   
149Pastorale  voc2,flu,gui/pno  Song
150Gran Sonata Eroica A+gui  Sonata
151Près d'un volcan  voc,gui  Song
151bisOde di Anacreonte  voc,gui/pno  Song
 Andantino in C  cla,pno  1:00 
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