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Mikhael Glinka

1 jun 1804 (Novospaskoje) - 15 feb 1857 (Berlin)
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Worklist for Mikhael Glinka

Mikhail Ivanovich Glinka

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name cmt key instr year time genre
33 works
A Life for the Tsar   1836 Opera
Abschied von St.Petersburg   1840 Song
Andante cantabile and Rondo in D minor   1823 Rondo
Concerto for Orchestra in E flat major     Concerto
Divertimento Brilliante on La SonnambulaDivertimento Brilliante on Themes from Bellini's Opera La sonnambula. also for 2 pianos 6-handsAb+pno,vln2,cel,dbv1832 Divertimento
Elegie "Als du fragtest, meine Seele"Transcription of Jakolew's "Elegie „Als du fragtest, meine Seele"" nach Delwig. For Alt, Bass and Paino. Revised in 1855. cha1838 Elegy
Grand Sextet in E flat majoraka Gran sestetto originaleEb+vln2,vla,cel,dbv,pno1832  
KamarinskayaScherzo / Fantasia on Two Russian Themes. arranged for piano 4-hands (1856)  1848 Scherzo
Mazurka in A flat major (1834) Ab+pno1834 Mazurka
Mazurka in C major (1852) C+pno1852 Mazurka
Mazurka in C minor (1843) C-pno1843 Mazurka
Mazurka in F major (1834) F+pno1834 Mazurka
Mazurka in F major (1835) F+pno1835 Mazurka
Mazurka in G major (1828) G+pno1928 Mazurka
Nocturne in F minor "La Séparation"   1839 4:30Nocturne
Overture in D major   1826 Overture
Overture in G minor   1826 Overture
Polonaise on a Spanish Bolero Theme in F major   1855 Dances
Prince Kholmsky   1840 Opera
Recuerdos de Castilla first version of Spanish Overture No. 2  1848 Overture
Ruslan and LudmillaRuslan and Lyudmila  1842 3:30:00Opera
Septet in E flat major  obo/cla,hor,bsn,vln,vln/vla,cel,dbv1823  
Sonata in D minor for viola and pianounfinished (2 movements only); Movement II completed by Vadim Borisovsky in 1932.  1828  
Spanish Overture No. 1 "Capriccio Brilliante" Spanish "Capriccio Brilliante on the Jota Aragonesa"  1845 Overture
Spanish Overture No. 2 "Recollection""Recollection of a Summer Night in Madrid". Souvenir d'une nuit d'été à Madrid.  1851 Overture
String Quartet in D major  stq1824 String quartet
String Quartet in F majoralso arranged for piano 4-hands  1830  
Symphony in B flat major  Bb+1824 Symphony
Symphony on Two Russian Themes in D minor  D-1834 Symphony
Tarantella   1841 Opera
The Lark (Zhavoronok)     3:30Song
Trio Pathetique D-cel,pno,vln  14:00 
Waltz-Fantasia in B minor   1839 Fantasy
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