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Gabriel Grovlez

4 apr 1879 (Lille) - 20 oct 1944 (Paris)
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Gabriel Marie Grovlez (4 April 1879, Lille, France – 20 October 1944, Paris, France) was an eminent French composer and conductor.

He studied with Gabriel Fauré at the Conservatoire de Paris, and taught at the Schola Cantorum.[1] His main work was with the Societé National de l'Opéra, and his compositions were mainly for voice. Much of his work shows strong neo-classical influences.

Works include L'almanac aux images, which are settings for the piano of poems, including Berceuse de la poupée and Les petites litanies de Jésus.

Selected works

  • Cœur de Rubis, Légende féérique (Opera) in 3 acts (1906); libretto by Gabriel Montoya
  • Maïmouna, Fantasy-Ballet in 2 scenes (1916); libretto by P. André Gérard
  • La princesse au jardin, Ballet in 1 act (1943); libretto by Emile Vuillermoz
Chamber music
  • Sonata for violin and piano (1908)
  • Divertissement for flute and piano (1912)
  • Concertino for flute or clarinet and piano
  • Lamento et tarentelle for clarinet and piano (1923)
  • Romance et scherzo for flute and piano (1927)
  • Sarabande et allegro for oboe and piano (1929)
  • Sicilienne et allegro giocoso for bassoon and piano (1930)
  • Romance, scherzo et finale for viola and piano (1932)
  • Sonata for cello and piano (1936)
  • Au jardin de l'enfance (In The Garden of Childhood), 6 Pieces (1907)
  • Improvisations sur Londres (1910)
  • L'almanach aux images, 8 Pieces after poems of Tristan Klingsor (1911)
  • Trois pièces (1913)
  • Fancies, 7 Pieces (1915)
  1. Sérénade
  2. Nocturne
  3. Petite valse
  4. Berceuse
  5. Fileuse
  6. Rêverie
  7. Cake Walk
  • Trois valses romantiques (1917)
  • Deux études de difficulté transcendante (1919)
  • Impressions, 2 Pieces (1934)
  • La chambre blanche, 10 Songs on poems of Henry Bataille (1903)
  • La flûte for voice and piano (1907); words by José-Maria de Heredia
  • Sagesse, 5 Poems of Paul Verlaine for high voice and piano (1910)
  • Trois mélodies sur des poèmes de Jean Dominique for voice and piano (1912)
  • Guitares et mandolines for voice and piano (1913); words by Camille Saint-Saëns
  • Les mélancolies passionnées, 8 Songs on poems of Charles Guérin (1924)
  • Trois ballades françaises for voice and piano on poems of Paul Fort (1927)


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