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Gottfried August Homilius

2 feb 1714 (Rosenthal) - 2 jun 1785 (Dresden)
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Gottfried August Homilius (2 February 1714 – 2 June 1785) was a German composer, cantor, and organist. He was the main representative of the empfindsamer style.

Born in Rosenthal, Saxony, as the son of a Lutheran pastor, Homilius began schooling as a pupil at the Annenschule in Dresden. He later studied music in Leipzig, where he was the pupil of Johann Sebastian Bach. From 1742 he was organist at the Frauenkirche in Dresden, and from 1755 until his death he was Cantor of the Kreuzkirche in Dresden and music director at the three main churches of Dresden. His main place of work was at the Frauenkirche; the Kreuzkirche was destroyed in 1760, and not rebuilt until after his death.

Homilius predominantly composed church music: more than 10 Passions (one printed 1775), an oratorio to Christmas (1777) and to Easter, over 60 motets, more than 150 cantatas (six arias from which appeared in 1786), chorales, preludes, and choral works. Homilius's students included classical composer Daniel Gottlob Türk.

His vocal compositions enjoyed great popularity through the 19th century, as witnessed by the large number of copies still extant.


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