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One instrument

Bach, C.P.E. (1714)
Sonata for Flute solo in A minor (2)

Bach, J.S. (1685)
Partita in A minor for flute/recorder (2)
Brandenburg Concerto No. 6 (1)
Orchestral Suite No. 1 in C major (1)
Orchestral Suite No. 2 in B minor (1)
Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D (1)

Beethoven, L. van (1770)
10 Variations for piano & flute (1)
Trio for Piano, Flute & Bassoon in G major (1)

Blavet, M. (1700)
Sonata op. 3 No. 4 in A major (1)

Boismortier, J.B. de (1689)
Concerto in A minor for 5 flutes (1)

Büsser, H.-P. (1872)
Prelude and Scherzo for Flute and Piano (1)

Casella, A. (1883)
Sicilienne et Burlesque (1)

Chédeville, N. (1705)
Sonata "L'Allemande" (1)

Dubois, P.M. (1930)
Sonata for Flute and Piano (1)

Frederick II the Great (1712)
Flute Sonata in C minor (1)

Gluck, C.W. von (1714)
Orfeo ed Euridice (1)
Handel, G.F. (1685)
Flute and continuo Sonata in G major (1)
Flute and continuo Sonata in B minor HWV367b (1)
Flute and continuo Sonata in A minor HWV374 (1)
Flute and continuo Sonata in E minor HWV379 (1)

Hasse, J.A. (1699)
Flute Sonata no. 11 in D minor (1)

Haydn, F.J. (1732)
London Trio no.1 in C major (1)
London Trio no.2 in G major (1)
London Trio no.3 in G major (1)
London Trio no.4 in G major (1)

Hindemith, P. (1895)
Flute Sonata (1)

Honegger, A. (1892)
Danse de la chèvre (1)

Karg-Elert, S. (1877)
30 Capriccio's (1)

La Montaine, J. (1920)
Sonata for Flute Solo (1)

Loeillet, J.-B. (de Gant) (1688)
6 Sonatas for Flute, Oboe/Violin and bc (1)

Messiaen, O. (1908)
Le merle noir (1)
Milhaud, D (1892)
Sonatine for flute and piano op. 76 (1)

Mozart, W.A. (1756)
Concerto for Flute (or Oboe) in D major (1)

Muczynski, R. (1929)
Sonata for Flute and Piano (1)

Naudot, J.-C. (1690)
Sonata for two flutes in B minor (1)

Quantz, J.J. (1697)
Flute Sonata in G major Op.6 no. 6 (1)

Ran, S. (1949)
East Wind (1)

Reinecke, C. (1824)
Flute Sonata in E minor "Undine" (1)

Rota, N. (1911)
Trio for Flute, Violin and Piano (1)

Saint-Saëns, C. (1835)
Romance for flute and orchestra in D flat (1)

Schumann, R. (1810)
3 Romances op. 94 (1)

Sheriff, N. (1935)
Sonata a 3 (1)

Vivaldi, A. (1678)
Flute concerto in G major RV435 (1)


Flute and Guitar
Clarke, J. (1673)
Trumpet Voluntary (1)

Giuliani, M. (1781)
Gran Sonata Eroica (1)
Mozart, W.A. (1756)
Eine kleine Nachtmusik (serenade no. 13) (1)
Williams, J. (1932)
Schindler's List (1)

Flute and Harp
Lowry, R. (1826)
How Can I Keep From Singing? (1)

Pachelbel, J. (1653)
Canon in D (1)
Traditional English
Here We Come A-Wassailing (1)
Traditional Irish
The Banks of Sullane (1)
The King Of The Fairies (1)
Wexford Carol (1)

Bach, J.S. (1685)
Sonata in B minor for flute and harpsichord (2)

Bolling, C. (1930)
Suite for Flute and Jazz Piano Trio no. 1 (1)

Bozza, E. (1905)
Sonatine for Flute and Bassoon (1)

Diemer, E.L. (1927)
Toccata for Flute Chorus (1)

Françaix, J. (1912)
7 Impromptus for Flute and Bassoon (1)

Handel, G.F. (1685)
Flute and continuo Sonata in F major (1)
Flute and continuo Sonata in G minor (2)
Jolivet, A. (1905)
Sonatine for Flute and Clarinet (1)

Karg-Elert, S. (1877)
Flute sonata (1)

Kempff, W. (1895)
Flute Sonata in E (Bach BWV1031) Siciliano (3)

Milhaud, D (1892)
Sonatine for flute and piano op. 76 (1)

Mozart, F.X. (1791)
Rondo in E Minor for flute and piano (1)

Mozart, W.A. (1756)
Concerto for Flute (or Oboe) in D major (2)
Concerto for Flute & Harp (2)
Concerto for Flute in G major (1)
Quartet for Flute & Strings in D major (1)
Musgrave, T. (1928)
Impromptu No. 1 for Flute and Oboe (1)

Pergolesi, G.B. (1710)
Flute Concerto in G major (1)

Prokofiev, S. (1891)
Sonata for Flute and Piano in D major (1)

Villa-Lobos, H. (1887)
Choros no. 2 for flute and clarinet (1)

Vivaldi, A. (1678)
Flute Concerto in F no. 5 "con sordino" (1)
Flute concerto in G minor "La Notte" RV104 (1)
Flute Concerto no. 1 in F La Tempesta di Mare (1)

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