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One instrument

Anonymus (before 1900)
Balcarres manuscript (1)
Greensleeves (1)
Jane Pickeringe Manuscript (1)
La Rossignol (1)

Bittner, J. (1650)
Sarabande (1)

Capirola, V. (1474)
Ricercare no. 3 (terzo) (1)

Coeur de Lion, R. (1157)
Ja nun hons (1)

Dowland, J. (1563)
My Lord Willoughy's Welcome Home (1)
My Lord Chamberlain his Galliard (1)

Frescobaldi, G. (1583)
Se l'Aura spira (1)
Gallot, J. (1625)
L'Amant malheureux (1)

Holborne, A. (1550)
Galliard Muy Linda (1)

Johnson, J. (1540)
Lavechio Pavan (1)
Rogero (1)
The Galliard to Laveche (1)

Morlaye, G. de (1510)
Livre de Chansons, etc II (1)

Piccinini, A. (1566)
Chiaconna in Partite Variate (1)

Pilkington. F. (1565)
Echo Almain (1)
Robinson, T. (1588)
A Toy (1)
Passemezo Galyard (1)
Spanish Pavan (1)

Traditional Jewish
La Rosa (1)

Traditional Papua
Yumi litimapim (1)

Traditional Swedish
Älvadans (1)
Vårvindar friska (1)
Vem kan segla förutan vind (1)

Zamboni, G. (1674)
Sonate d'intavolatura di leuto (1)


Bach, J.S. (1685)
Fugue in G minor for lute (1)
Lute Suite no. 2 in C minor (2)
Lute Suite no. 3 in G minor (1)
Lute Suite no. 4 in E major (2)
Prelude in C minor for lute (1)
Sullivan, A. (1842)
Orpheus with his Lute (1)
Vivaldi, A. (1678)
Concerto for viola d'amor and lute (1)

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