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Jaroslav Jezek

25 sep 1906 (Prague) - 1 jan 1942 (New York)
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Worklist for Jaroslav Jezek

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name cmt key instr year time genre
54 works
2 Songs on Lyrics by Puskin  voc,gui1936 Song
4 Songs for higher voice and piano  voc,pno1933 Song cycle
Bagatelles  pno1933 Bagatelle
Bugatti Step      
By Express Train  voc,pno1927 Song
Capriccio  pno1932 Capriccio
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra  pno,orc1927 Piano concerto
Concerto for Violin and Wood-Wind Instruments  vln,win1930 Concerto
Dairy  voc,pno1927 Song
Dark Blue WorldTmavomodrý svět = dark blue world. Also film track.    Jazz
Don Juan (Molière)   1937 Opera
Duo for Two Violins  vln21934  
Etude for piano  pno1933 Etude
Fantasia for Piano and Orchestra  pno,orc1930 Fantasy
Giovanni a Anabella (Ford)   1930 Opera
Good Night  voc,pno1937 Song
Grand Valse Brillante  pno1939 Waltz
Head in the Bushes (Klobouk ve křoví)      
Jeppe s kopecku (Holberg)   1927 Opera
Jezero Ukereve (Vacura)   1936 Opera
Jolly Pierrot  voc,stq1929 Song
Kamarad Ctvrtek (Chesterton)   1927 Opera
Lamento e Trionfo  voc,pno1929 Song
Life Just Happens (Život je jen náhoda)      
Little SongsCycle of 5 songs for voice and piano voc,pno1927 Song cycle
Malborough do boje tahne (Achard)   1929 Opera
Nerves   1928 Ballet
No  fch1941 Song
Pani Studanka (Hsiung)   1937 Opera
Petite Suite  pno1928 Suite
Piano Sonata  pno1941 Piano Sonata
Pojisteni proti sebevrazde (Goll)   1927 Opera
Pra-pra-prababa Me PrababyGreat Great Grandma = Pra Pra Prabába Mé Prabáby    Jazz
Rhapsody  pno1938 Rhapsody
Serenade for Wind Quartet  win1929 Serenade
Shining (Svítá )      
Sonata for Violin and Piano  vln,pno1933 Violin Sonata
Sonatina  pno1928 Sonatina
String Quartet No. 1  stq1932 String quartet
String Quartet No. 2  stq1941 String quartet
Suite for quarter-tone piano  pno1927 Suite
Svatebcane na Eifelce (Cocteau)   1927 Opera
Symphonic Poem  orc1936 Symphonic poem
Tezka Barbora   1937 Opera
Three Policemen Step (Tři strážníci)      
Timon athensky (Shakespeare)   1936 Opera
Toccata  pno1939 Toccata
Tragedy of the Water Sprite (Tragédie Vodníkova)      
Upside-down world (Svět na ruby)      
Victorious V   1941 Song
White Sisters (Bílé sestry)      
Wind Quintet  win1931  
You Don't know What Are the Dark AgesVy nevíte, co je středověk     
Zpivajici Benatky (Hoffmeister)     Opera
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