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21 feb 1891 (Paintersville) - 31 mar 1971 (Fort Dodge)
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Karl L. King (21 February 1891–31 March 1971) was a United States march music bandmaster and composer.

Karl Lawrence King at the age of 35
Oleson Park Music Pavilion, Fort Dodge, Iowa, which King considered his home base.

Karl Lawrence King, a native of Paintersville, Ohio, grew up as a self-taught musician with very little schooling of any kind. At eighteen, he began a career playing in and directing circus bands, including those of Barnum and Bailey, Robinson Famous Shows, the Sells-Floto Circus, and Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show. King settled down in Fort Dodge, Iowa in 1920 and for the next fifty-one years conducted the city's municipal band, which featured future ABA president Joseph Hermann on clarinet.

King the composer published more than 300 works: galops, waltzes, overtures, serenades, rags, and 188 marches and screamers. He seemed to like composing under pressure and often composed in tight spots (such as by oil lamp in cramped circus tents). His name appeared on the sheet music as Karl King, K. L. King, and sometimes Carl Lawrence.

"Barnum and Bailey's Favorite" remains his best known circus march, but other pieces that retain their popularity among fans of band music include:

  • "Burma Patrol"
  • "Bunker Hill"
  • "Liberty Fleet"
  • "The Purple Pageant"
  • "Garland Enktrée"
  • "The Melody Shop"
  • "Robinson's Grand Entrée"
  • "Invictus"
  • "Hosts of Freedom"
  • "United Nations"
  • "The New Madison Square Garden"
  • "Woody Van's"
  • "Cyrus The Great"
  • "The Big Cage"
  • "Valley Forge"
  • "Emblem of Freedom"
  • "The Royal Scotch Highlanders"
  • "The Viking March"
  • "The Walking Frog"
  • "Peacemaker"
  • "Circus Days"
  • "Rough Riders"
  • "Trombone King"
  • "Flying Cadets"
  • "Homestretch Gallop"
  • "The Desert Patrol"
  • "Freedom City"
  • "Fidelity"
  • "Big Four"
  • "The University of North Dakota"
  • "Miss Liberty"
  • "General Lee"
  • "Allied Honor"
  • "Broadway One-Step"
  • "Kentucky Sunrise"
  • "Ragged Rozey"
  • "War March of the Tartars"

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