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Karl King

21 feb 1891 (Paintersville) - 31 mar 1971 (Fort Dodge)
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Worklist for Karl King

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81 works
Abdallah Foxtrot  brb   
Aces of the Air  brb  2:15 
Algeria  brb   
Alhambra Grotto  brb   
Allied Honor March  brb  March
Auld Lang Syne March  brb  March
Aviation Tournament March  brb  March
Barnum and Bailey's Favorite  brb  2:00 
Bolivar  brb   
Bombardier March  brb  March
Bon Voyage  brb   
Broadway One-Step or Two-Step  brb   
Burma Patrol  brb   
Call to Victory  brb   
Call to Victory March  brb  March
Canton Aero Club March  brb  March
Caravan Club  brb   
Center Ring  brb   
Circus Days  brb   
Cyrus the Great  brb   
Diplomacy March  brb  March
Emblem of Freedom  brb   
Emporia  brb   
Excelsior  brb   
Fete Triumphal March  brb  March
Forest City Commandery  brb   
Gallant Zouaves  brb   
Garland Entree  brb   
Glorious America  brb   
Heralds of Progress  brb   
Homestretch  brb   
Hosts of Freedom  brb   
Invictus  brb   
Kentucky Sunrise  brb  3:15 
Loyalty March  brb  March
Majestic Galop  brb   
Mountain Trails  brb   
Nazir Grotto  brb   
New Frontiers  brb  2:15 
New Madison Square Garden  brb   
Ohio Division  brb   
On the Warpath  brb   
Our Heritage  brb   
Pageantry  brb   
Pan American  brb   
Ponderoso  brb   
Prestissimo  brb   
Purple Pageant  brb   
Robinson's Grand Entrée  brb   
Rough Riders  brb   
Royal Scotch Highlanders  brb  2:30 
Salute to the Sultan  brb   
Sarasota  brb  2:45 
Sells-Floto Triumphal March  brb  March
Sir Galahad  brb   
Step on it!  brb   
The American Way  brb   
The Big Cage  brb  1:30 
The Defending Circle March  brb  March
The Home Town Boy  brb   
The Huntress  brb   
The Joy Riders  brb   
The Kentucky Derby  brb   
The Melody Shop  brb  2:00 
The Victor  brb   
The Walking Frog  brb   
Thumbs Up USA  brb   
Trombone King  brb   
Trouping Days  brb   
Ung-Kung-Foy-Ya  brb   
Valley Forge March  brb  March
Voice of America  brb  2:00 
Walking Frog  brb   
Walsenburg Galop  brb   
Wanderlust  brb   
War March of the Tartars  brb  March
We Stand United  brb   
Wings for Peace  brb   
Woody Vans  brb   
Wyoming Days  brb   
Yellowstone Trail  brb   
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