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Joan Manén

14 may 1883 (Barcelona) - 26 jun 1971 ()
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Juan Manén (or Catalan: Joan Manén, May 14, 1883 - June 26, 1971) was a Spanish violinist and composer, born in Barcelona.

His progress in music was so rapid that his father exhibited him as a piano prodigy. Having studied the violin under D. Alard, he suddenly appeared as a violinist, and met with such success that in Germany he was compared to his famous countryman Sarasate. Likewise he attracted much attention as a composer, not only in Spain, but perhaps to even a greater degree in Germany, where he resided at different times for protracted periods. His works comprise: the operas Giovanni di Napoli (1903), Der Fackeltanz (1909) and Neró i Acté (1928); the symphonic poem Neueva Catalonia; a violin concerto; "Fantasia - Sonata" for guitar; a suite for violin and piano; and a number of exquisite miniatures for violin and orchestra. He also made a completion-cum-arrangement of Beethoven's violin concerto in C, which otherwise only survives in its first 259 measures.


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