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Ernesto Nazareth

20 jan 1863 (Rio de Janeiro) - 4 feb 1934 (Jacarepaguá)
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Ernesto Nazareth
Ernesto Nazareth

Ernesto Júlio Nazareth (March 20, 1863 Rio de Janeiro – February 4, 1934 Jacarepaguá, Rio de Janeiro) was a Brazilian composer and pianist, especially noted for his creative tango and Choro compositions.

Ernesto Nazareth was one of 5 children of his parents. He published his first composition, Você Bem Sabe (1877), at age 14.

Nazareth was noted for creatively combining diverse influences into his music, not only of Brazilian music but also from the music of Europe, Africa and ragtime. Many of his compositions remain part of the repertory today.

Nazareth composed 88 tangos, 41 waltzes, 28 polkas and numerous sambas, galops, quadrilles, Schottisches, fox-trots, romances and other types of scores, totaling 211 complete compositions.

In 1933, after a period of mental instability, due to the deaths of his wife and daughter and worsening hearing problems, Nazareth was admitted to the Juliano Moreira Asylum in Jacarepaguá. On February 1, 1934, Nazareth fled the asylum and was found alone three days later in the adjacent forest near a waterfall, dead by drowning.

Catalog of works

  • A Bella Melusina
  • A Flor de meus Sonhos
  • A Florista
  • A Fonte do Lambari
  • A Fonte do Suspiro
  • Adieu
  • Adorável
  • Ai Rica Prima
  • Albíngia
  • Alerta!
  • Ameno Resedá
  • Andante Expressivo
  • Apanhei-te cavaquinho
  • Arreliado
  • Arrojado
  • Arrufos
  • As Gracinhas de Nhô-nhô
  • Até que enfim!
  • Atlântico
  • Atrevidinha
  • Atrevido
  • Bambino
  • Bambino- Você não me dá! words of Catullo da Paixão Cearense
  • Batuque
  • Beija-Flor
  • Beijinho de Moça
  • Bom-Bom
  • Brejeira
  • Brejeiro
  • Byciclette-Club

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