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20 jun 1819 (Cologne) - 4 oct 1880 (Paris)

Books about Jacques Offenbach and his music

bookSiegfried Kracauer and Gwenda David and Eric Mosbacher Jacques Offenbach and the Paris of His Time
Zone Books, 2003; ISBN 1890951307; 460 pages
Siegfried Kracauer's biography of the composer Jacques Offenbach is a remarkable work of social and cultural history. First published in German in 1937 and in English translation in 1938, the book uses the life and work of Offenbach as a focal point for a broad and penetrating portrayal of Second Empire Paris. Offenbach's immensely popular operettas have long been seen as part of the larger historical amnesia and escapism that pervaded Paris in the aftermath of 1848. But Kracauer insists that Offenbach's productions must be understood as more than glittering distractions. The fantasy realms of such operettas as La Belle Hélène were as one with the unreality of Napoleon III's imperial masquerade, but they also made a mockery of the pomp and pretense surrounding the apparatuses of power. At the same time, Offenbach's dreamworlds were embedded with a layer of utopian content that can be seen as an indictment of the fraudulence and corruption of the times. This edition includes Kracauer's preface to the original German edition, translated into English for the first time, and a critical foreword by Gertrud Koch. Price indication: $ 23.10
bookMary Dibbern and Jacques Contes D'Hoffmann Offenbach The Tales of Hoffmann: A Performance Guide (Vox Music Ae Series, 5)
Pendragon Press, 2001; ISBN 1576470334; 231 pages Price indication: $ 42.00
bookAlexander Faris Jacques Offenbach
Scribner, 1981; ISBN 0684167972; 275 pages Price indication: $ 0.01
bookHeather Hadlock Mad Loves: Women and Music in Offenbach's Les Contes d'Hoffmann
Princeton University Press, 2000; ISBN 0691058024; 192 pages Price indication: $ 41.00
bookPeter Gammond Offenbach (The Illustrated Lives of the Great Composers Series)
Omnibus Press, 1989; ISBN 0711902577; 168 pages Price indication: $ 13.57
bookBurton Fisher The Tales of Hoffmann/Opera Journeys Mini Guide Series
Opera Journeys Pub, 2000; ISBN 1930841167; 36 pages Price indication: $ 9.75
bookSiegfried Kracauer and Gwenda David and Eric Mosbacher Offenbach and the Paris of His Time
University of Illinois Press, 2002; ISBN 0252027469; 424 pages Price indication: $ 45.00
bookArthur Moss Cancan and barcarolle;: The life and times of Jacques Offenbach [by] Arthur Moss & Evalyn Marvel
Exposition Press, 1954; 280 pages Price indication: $ 4.52
bookAlain Decaux Offenbach
Vergara Editor S.A., 1987; ISBN 9501506436; in Spanish Price indication: $ 5.70
bookDavid Rissin Offenbach: Ou, Le rire en musique
Fayard, 1980; ISBN 2213009023; 356 pages; in French Price indication: $ 96.90
bookHarding Jacques Offenbach
Riverrun Pr, 1981; ISBN 0714538418 Price indication: (used only): from $ 3.95
bookJacques Offenbach Orpheus in America: Offenbach's diary of his journey to the New World
No publisher, Price indication: (used only): from $ 9.50
bookPeter Gammond Offenbach: His Life and Times.
Paganiniana Publications, 1981; ISBN 0876665830; 192 pages Price indication: $ 9.50
bookS. Kracauer Orpheus in Paris: Offenbach and the Paris of His Time
Horizon Pr, 1983; ISBN 0844300934 Price indication: (used only): from $ 5.75
bookArthur Moss Cancan and barcarolle: The life and times of Jacques Offenbach
Greenwood Press, 1975; ISBN 0837180457; 280 pages Price indication: (used only): from $ 30.65
bookJean-Claude Yon Jacques Offenbach (N.R.F. biographies)
Gallimard, 2000; ISBN 2070747751; 796 pages; in French Price indication: $ 65.11
bookJacques Offenbach Offenbach in America: Notes of a Travelling Musician
Ams Pr, 1977; ISBN 0404130763 Price indication: (used only): from $ 124.71

Sheet music, libretti, etc.

Boite Au Lait, LA (Works) - Columbia Pictures Pubns

Bonne D'Enfants, LA (Works) - Columbia Pictures Pubns

Dragonette (Works) - Columbia Pictures Pubns

La Vie Parisienne - Salabert

LA Vie Parisienne: Opera-Bouffe En Quatre Actes Musique De Partition Piano Et Chant - G Schirmer

Offenbach (Solfèges) - Seuil

Offenbach's Songs from the Great Operettas (Dover Series of Playing and Singing Editions) - Dover Publications
This volume brings together the original sheet music for 38 beautiful songs from 14 of Offenbach’s greatest operettas: "Chanson de Fortunio," "Hymne a Bacchus," "Le jugement de Paris," "Tyrolienne," "Ronde des carabiniers," "Chanson a boire," "Couplets des deux hommes d’armes," "Monde charmant que l’on ignore," 30 more. Includes English translations of lyrics. 21 illustrations.<br>

Tales of Hoffmann Vocal Score (Dover Vocal Scores) - Dover Publications

The Tales of Hoffman (Les Contes d'Hoffmann) (G. Schirmer Opera Score Editions) - G. Schirmer, Inc.
French/English. Translated by Martin.

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