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Leo Ornstein

ca 2 dec 1893 (Kremenchug) - 24 feb 2002 (Green Bay)
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Worklist for Leo Ornstein

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S Opus
name cmt key instr year time genre
104 works
1 Nocturne  pno   
2 At Twilight  pno1911  
3 Piano Pieces  pno1913  
4 Nocturne No. 2  pno   
5 3 Moods  pno1914  
6 Suicide in an Airplane  pno  3:45 
8 Barcarolle  pno   
50 Serenade  pno1918 Serenade
51 Scherzino  pno1918 Scherzo
52 Dwarf Suite  pno1915 Suite
53 Impressions of the Thames  pno1920  
54 Wild Men's Dance  pno1913  
55 Cossack Impressions  pno1914  
56 Impressions of Notre Dame  pno1914  
57 3 Preludes  pno1914 Prelude
58 Suite Russe  pno1914 Suite
59 A la Mexicana  pno   
60 39A la chinoise  pno   
61a 41Poems of 1917  pno1917 Poem
62 42Arabesques  pno1921 10:00 
63 In the Country  pno1924  
64 2 Lyric Pieces  pno1924  
65 Musings of a Piano  pno1924  
66 Memories from Childhood  pno1925  
67 Six Water Colors  pno1921  
68 Piano Sketch Books  pno1939  
69 Prelude Tragique  pno1924 Prelude
70 Pygmy Suite  pno1914 Suite
71a Moment Musical (after Schubert)  pno1918  
72 79 Miniatures  pno1915 12:00 
100 Bagatelle  pno1952 Bagatelle
101 Tarantelle Diabolique  pno1960 Dances
102a A Long Remembered Sorrow  pno1964  
103 Mindy's Piece  pno1967  
104b Evening's Sorrow  pno1968  
105 Some New York Scenes  pno1971  
106 A Morning in the Woods  pno1971  
107 Burlesca (A Satire)  pno1976 Burlesque
108 Ballade  pno1976 Ballade
109 Valse Diabolique  pno1977 Waltz
110 A Dream Almost Forgotten  pno1977  
111a Three Tales  pno1977  
114 Just a Fun Piece  pno1978  
115 A Small Carnival  pno1978  
116 Solitude  pno1978  
117 The Recruit and the Bugler  pno1978  
118 An Autumnal Fantasy  pno1978  
119 An Autumn Improvisation  pno1978  
120 Barbaro: A Pantomime  pno1978  
150 A Reverie  pno1979  
151 A Chromatic Dance  pno1978  
152 The Deserted Garden  pno1982  
153 Nocturne No.I  pno1922 Nocturne
154 To a Grecian Urn  pno   
155 Tarantelle  pno  Dances
156 A Moment of Retrospect  pno195  
300 4 Impromptus  pno  Impromptus
330 Six Journal Pieces  pno1987  
350 Four Legends  pno1960  
360 Sonata No. 4  pno1918 19:30Piano Sonata
361 Sonata No. 5 (Biography)  pno1974 Piano Sonata
362 Sonata No. 6  pno1981 Piano Sonata
363 Sonata No. 7  pno1988 15:30Piano Sonata
364 Sonata No. 8  pno  Piano Sonata
380 9 Vignettes  pno1977  
400 17 Waltzes  pno1958 Waltz
403 Waltz no. 4  pno  Waltz
406 Waltz no. 7  pno  Waltz
440a 3 Fantasy Pieces  pno1960 Fantasy
550 Piece Pour Piano  pno21913  
551 Valse Buffon  pno21921 Waltz
552 Seeing Russia with Teacher  pno21925  
553 Piano Concerto for 2 pianos  pno2  Piano concerto
600 Nocturne for Clarinet and Piano  pno,cla1952 Nocturne
602 Prelude and Minuet Antique Style  flu,cla1946 Menuet
603 3 Flute Pieces  flu   
606 2 Viola Fantasies  vla  Fantasy
608 String Quartet No. 2  stq1930 String quartet
609 Saxophone BalladeAlto Sax. or B flat Cl, or Viola sax1955 Ballade
610 Piano Quintet   1927 Piano quintet
611 6 Preludes for Cello and Piano  cel,pno193 Prelude
612 Cello Sonata No. 1  cel1918 Cello sonata
613 Cello Sonata No. 2  cel1920 Cello sonata
615 String Quartet No. 3  stq  String quartet
616 String Quartet No. 1  stq  String quartet
617 Ballade for B flat Clarinet  cla  Ballade
618 Waltz for Violin and Piano  pno,vln  Waltz
621 373 Russian Impressions   1916  
622 26Violin Sonata  vln1915 Violin Sonata
700 5 Songs for Soprano and Piano  pno,sop1928 Song cycle
701 4 Songs Without Words   1928  
702 America     Song
704 Cradle Song   1915 Song
705 Lullaby     Song
706 Mother o'Mine     Song
707 Tartar Lament     Song
708 There Was a Jolly Miller Once     Song
709 3 Russian Choruses     Song
821 Nocturne for orchestra  orc1936 Nocturne
822 Dance of the Fates  orc1936  
823 5 Songs for Voice and Orchestra  orc,voc  Song
824 Piano Concerto  orc,pno  Piano concerto
825 Incidental Music for Lysistrata  orc  Incidental music
826 Lysistrata Suite  orc  Suite
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