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Gary Dranch (Clarinet)


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Baermann, C. sr.Adagio for Clarinet and Orchestra5'46 m128a Go to download page
Bartók, B. 111Contrasts for Violin, Clarinet and Piano [1,2,3]18'29 m128a/3 Go to download page
Bernstein, L.Sonata for clarinet and piano11'44 m128a Go to download page
Bolcom, W.Little Suite of Four Dances7'16 m128a Go to download page
Brahms, J. 114Clarinet Trio in A minor24'09 m128a/4 Go to download page
Brahms, J. 115Clarinet Quintet39'15 m128a/4 Go to download page
Brahms, J. 120:1Sonata for Clarinet and Piano Op. 120 no. 123'40 m128a/4 Go to download page
Bruch, M. 838 pieces for clarinet, viola and piano40'17 m128a/8 Go to download page
Bruch, M. 88Double Concerto for Clarinet, Viola and Orch16'07 m128a/3 Go to download page
Busoni, F. 276Concertino for Clarinet & String Orchestra11'53 m128a Go to download page
Debussy, C. 116Rhapsodie for clarinet and orchestra8'51 m128a Go to download page
Druckman, J.Animus III for clarinet & electronics15'30 m128a Go to download page
Françaix, J.Clarinet concerto [1,2,3,4]24'34 m128a/4 Go to download page
Françaix, J.Divertissement10'39 m128a/4 Go to download page
Françaix, J.Quintet for Clarinet & Strings27'26 m128a/4 Go to download page
Glinka, M.Trio Pathetique [1-3]17'40 m128a/3 Go to download page
Hindemith, P. 30Quintet for Clarinet & Strings22'58 m128a/3 Go to download page
Hindemith, P.Clarinet concerto in A major24'21 m128a/4 Go to download page
Hindemith, P.Quartet for Clarinet, Violin, Cello and Piano29'26 m128a/3 Go to download page
Hindemith, P.Sonata for Clarinet & piano in B flat18'38 m128a/4 Go to download page
Krenek, E. 108Trio for violin,clarinet and piano7'53 m128a Go to download page
Lorentzen, B.Mambo for piano, cello and clarinet11'00 m128a Go to download page
Lutoslawski, W.Preludia taneczne10'31 m128a Go to download page
Martinu, B. 2664 Madrigals for Oboe, Clarinet and Bassoon21'46 m128/4 Go to download page
Martinu, B. 334Serenade for violin,viola, cello, 2 clarinets25'59 m128a/4 Go to download page
Martinu, B. 356Sonatina for Clarinet & piano11'52 m128a Go to download page
Messager, A.Solo De Concours5'48 m128a Go to download page
Milhaud, D 351Duo Concertant for Clarinet and piano7'30 m128a Go to download page
Mozart, W.A. 452Quintet for Piano & Winds in E flat major23'14 m128a/3 Go to download page
Mozart, W.A. 498Trio for Piano, Clarinet & Viola 'Kegelstatt'21'36 m128a/3 Go to download page
Mozart, W.A. 622Concerto for Clarinet in A major30'33 m128a/3 Go to download page
Nielsen, C. 57Clarinet Concerto25'58 m320a Go to download page
Poulenc, F. 184Sonata for Clarinet and piano14'13 m128a/3 Go to download page
Prokofiev, S. 34Overture on Hebrew Themes8'44 m128a Go to download page
Rabaud, H. 10Solo de concours5'45 m128a Go to download page
Ran, S.For an Actor: Monologue for Clarinet7'11 m128a Go to download page
Reger, M. 146Clarinet quintet in A major [1,2,3,4]39'15 m128a/4 Go to download page
Rocha Vianna, A. deCarinhoso6'04 m128a Go to download page
Schubert, F. 965Der Hirt auf dem Felsen D96511'25 m128a Go to download page
Seiber, M.3 Morgenstern-Lieder for soprano & clarinet [1,2,3]4'40 m128a/3 Go to download page
Spohr, L. 26Clarinet Concerto No. 1 in C minor21'09 m128a/3 Go to download page
Spohr, L. 1036 German Songs op. 10319'45 m128a/6 Go to download page
Stamitz, J.Clarinet concerto in B flat15'37 m128a/3 Go to download page
Villa-Lobos, H.Fantaisie concertante [1,2,3]14'21 m128a/3 Go to download page
Villa-Lobos, H.Trio for oboe, clarinet & bassoon19'12 m128a/3 Go to download page

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The Twentieth Century Clarinet Concerto - the clarinet concertos of Paul Hindemith (1947), John Bavicchi (1954) and Daniel Wolff (1999, ...

Gary Dranch, Tiago Flores, Arkady Leytush, Orquestra de Camera da ULBRA

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John Bavicchi: Tomorrow Will Be Today

Kenji Kikuchi, Kenneth Pullig, Bavicchi Tribute Chamber Ensemble, Gary Dranch

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