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Goose Creek Bands (Brass band)

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Anderson, L.Bugler's HolidayFree registration required2'17 m128 Go to download page
Bagley, E.E.National Emblem MarchFree registration required2'51 m128 Go to download page
Bizet, G.Carmen Suite no. 1[fragment]Free registration required12'54 m128 Go to download page
Camphouse, M.Yosemite AutumnFree registration required8'52 m128 Go to download page
Debussy, C. 117Préludes I [10 La cathedrale engloutie]Free registration required6'30 m128 Go to download page
Handel, G.F. 348Water Music Suite No. 1 [11 Alla Hornpipe]Free registration required4'16 m128 Go to download page
Holsinger, D.Cityscape IFree registration required5'53 m128 Go to download page
Holsinger, D.Cityscape IIFree registration required9'21 m128 Go to download page
Holsinger, D.Gmyway's RevengeFree registration required12'03 m128/3 Go to download page
Holst, G. von 28bSuite no. 2 in FFree registration required11'12 m128/4 Go to download page
Holst, G. von 32The PlanetsFree registration required48'07 m128/7 Go to download page
King, K.Barnum and Bailey's FavoriteFree registration required2'07 m128 Go to download page
King, K.Purple PageantFree registration required3'21 m128 Go to download page
Pryor, A.The Whistler and his DogFree registration required2'30 m128 Go to download page
Respighi, O. 141The pines of RomeFree registration required21'17 m128/4 Go to download page
Shostakovich, D. 96Festive OvertureFree registration required6'47 m128 Go to download page
Smith, R.W.Africa: Ceremony, Song, and RitualFree registration required8'55 m128 Go to download page
Smith, R.W.Great Steamboat RaceFree registration required5'24 m128 Go to download page
Smith, R.W.Ireland: of Legend and LoreFree registration required8'48 m128 Go to download page
Smith, R.W.Montevista OvertureFree registration required2'42 m128 Go to download page
Smith, R.W.Songs of Earth, Water, Fire, and SkyFree registration required8'19 m128 Go to download page
Smith, R.W.The Divine ComedyFree registration required19'18 m128/3 Go to download page
Smith, R.W.The Great Locomotive ChaseFree registration required3'50 m128 Go to download page
Smith, R.W.Twelve Seconds to the Moon!Free registration required11'48 m128 Go to download page
Sousa, J.P.The Washington PostFree registration required2'17 m128 Go to download page
Sparke, P.StrathcarronFree registration required2'22 m128 Go to download page
Tchaikovsky, P.I. 36Symphony No.4 [4 Finale]Free registration required8'29 m128 Go to download page
Tchaikovsky, P.I. 491812[fragment]Free registration required13'33 m128 Go to download page
Tchaikovsky, P.I. 71aThe Nutcracker - suiteFree registration required16'29 m128/3 Go to download page
Ticheli, F.VesuviusFree registration required9'06 m128 Go to download page

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