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Charlotte Hawkins (Piano)

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Bach, J.S. 814French Suite No. 3 in B minor14'04 m128/6 Go to download page
Bach, J.S. 846+Well-Tempered Clavier I [4 Prelude and Fugue in C sharp]6'21 m128 Go to download page
Bach, J.S. 870+Well-Tempered Clavier II [2]3'47 m128 Go to download page
Chopin, F. 55Nocturnes Op. 55 [2 Nocturne no. 16 in E flat ma]5'11 m128 Go to download page
Debussy, C. 68Rêverie pour piano4'13 m128 Go to download page
Debussy, C. 117Préludes I [8,10]8'27 m128/2 Go to download page
Gershwin, G.Do it again1'48 m128 Go to download page
Gershwin, G.'S Wonderful1'10 m128 Go to download page
Handel, G.F. 447Suite in D minor6'46 m160/4 Go to download page
Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, F. 77 Characteristic Pieces [1 Sanft und mit Empfindung in ]2'54 m128 Go to download page
Rachmaninov, S. 10Morceaux de salon [6 Romance in F minor]3'55 m128 Go to download page
Scarlatti, D. 44Sonata L432 in F major3'08 m128 Go to download page
Scarlatti, D. 208Sonata L238 in A major1'18 m128 Go to download page
Scarlatti, D. 209Sonata L428 in A major2'22 m128 Go to download page
Schubert, F. 459Sonata No.3 in E "Fünf Klavierstücke"5'26 m128 Go to download page
Strauss, R. 127Stimmungsbilder for piano [1 Auf stillem Waldespfad Andan]5'37 m128 Go to download page

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