Cole Porter  

Kiss Me, Kate

Musical 1948.
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"Too Darn Hot" is a popular song written by Cole Porter for his musical Kiss Me, Kate (1948). In the stage version, it is sung at the start of Act 2, and in the 1948 original Broadway production, it was sung by Lorenzo Fuller (as Paul) and Eddie Sledge and Fred Davis (as the specialty dancers). In the 1953 MGM Hollywood film version, it is moved to a much earlier point, and it is sung by Ann Miller (as Lois Lane, Fred's new girlfriend, who is cast as Bianca). The song does not really contribute to the plot but it allows the audience to see (in the film version) Lois's fun-loving, risk-taking nature and gives the actress who plays her a chance to show off her dancing skills, specifically tap.

It was covered by Erasure for the Red Hot + Blue compilation (album and video versions) in 1990.

The song gained new currency in 2004 because of two films that came out that year. The first was the Porter biopic De-Lovely, and the second was the movie Kinsey, which used the tune because Porter mentioned the Kinsey report on American sexual attitudes in the song's bridge.

The line 'According to the Kinsey Report' (in the original stage production) was censored in the film version, having been changed to 'According to the latest report'.

Ella Fitzgerald recorded the song for her album Ella Fitzgerald Sings the Cole Porter Songbook (1956).

It was included by Stacey Kent in her 2003 album The Boy Next Door

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