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Jean-Philippe Rameau

25 sep 1683 (Dijon) - 12 sep 1764 (Paris)
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Worklist for Jean-Philippe Rameau

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31 works
Hippolyte et AricieL'Hymne à la Nuit is an adaptation by Joseph Noyon and E. Sciortino of the duo of the two priestesses of Diane in act 1, scène 3.  1733 Opera
La Dauphine      
La Livri      
La Naissance d'Osiris      
La Poule      
Le Rappel des Oiseaux      
Le Temple de la Gloire      
Les Boreades     Opera
Les Boreades - suite     20:00Suite
Les Cyclopes      
Les Grands Seigneurs      
Les Indes Galantes      
Les Niais de Sologne      
Les Paladins      
Les Sauvages      
Les Surprises de l'Amour      
Les Tourbillons      
Les Trois Mains      
Musette en rondeau      
Nouvelles Suites      
Rigaudon (arr by Heifetz)Rameau wrote several rigaudons as parts of larger works. It is not clear to me which one was arranged by Heifetz.     
Suite in A minor for harpsichordAlso known as Premier Livre pour Clavecin.D-hsc1706 19:00Suite
Suite in D minorThis is the second part of the book "Pieces de clavessin" that was published in 1724.D-hsc1724 31:00Suite
Suite in E minorThis is the first part of "Pieces de clavessin", a book published in 1724.E-hsc1724 21:50Suite
Suite in G minor     30:00Suite
Tambourin in A major      
The Hen      
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