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Louis Spohr

5 apr 1784 (Braunschweig) - 22 oct 1859 (Kassel)
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Worklist for Louis Spohr

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name cmt key instr year time genre
120 works
1Violin Concerto No. 1 in A minor A-   Violin concerto
2Violin Concerto No. 2 in D minor D-   Violin concerto
33 Duets for Two Violins  vln   
4:1String Quartet No. 1 in C major     String quartet
4:2String Quartet No. 2 in C minor     String quartet
5Pot-pourri No. 1 on themes of GaveauxFor Violin and String Trio    Strings
6Variations for Violin+String Trio in D major     Strings
7Violin Concerto No. 3 in C major C+   Violin concerto
8Variations for Violin+String Trio in A minor A-   Strings
93 Duets for Two Violins op. 9  vln   
10Violin Concerto No. 4 in B minor B-   Violin concerto
11String Quartet No. 3 "Quatuor brilliant No.1" D-   String quartet
12Concert Overture in C minor C-   Overture
13Duet for Violin and Viola in E minor     Duet
15Die Prüfüng     Opera
15:1String Quartet No. 4 in E flat major Eb+   String quartet
15:2String Quartet No. 5 in D major D+   String quartet
16Sonata for Violin and Harp No. 2 Bb+har,vln  Sonata
17Violin Concerto No. 5 in E flat major Eb+   Violin concerto
20Symphony No. 1 in E flat major     Symphony
21Overture to "Alruna"     Overture
22Pot-pourri No. 2 on themes of Mozart     String Quintet
23Pot-pourri No. 3 on themes of Mozart  orc,vln   
24Pot-pourri No. 4 on themes of Mozart     Strings
256 german songs, book I     Song
26Clarinet Concerto No. 1 in C minor C-cla,orc  21:00 
27String Quartet No. 6 in G minor     String quartet
28Violin Concerto No. 6 in G minor     Violin concerto
31Nonet in F major  cha   
32Octet in E major E+cha   
33:1String Quintet No. 1 in E flat major      
33:2String Quintet No. 2 in G major      
34Notturno in C major     Nocturne
35Fantasia in C minor     8:30Fantasy
36Variations for Harp no 1 in F majorJe suis encore dans mon printemps     
376 German Songs op. 37     Song cycle
38Violin Concerto No. 7 in E minor     Violin concerto
393 Duets for 2 Violins  vln2  Duet
40Polonaise for Violin and Orchestra in A minor     Dances
416 German Songs op. 41     Song cycle
43String Quartet No. 11 in E major, "Quatuor br     String quartet
45:1String Quartet No. 12 in C major      
45:2String Quartet No. 13 in E minor      
45:3String Quartet No. 14 in F minor      
47Violin Concerto No. 8 in A minorin modo di scena cantante.    18:30Violin concerto
48Concertante for 2 Violins in A major      
50Potpourri for Violin and Harp on themes by Mozart F#-vln,har  Medley
51Rondo Brilliant for Violin and Piano  pno,vln  Rondo
52Quintet for Flute, Clarinet, Horn, Bassoon and Piano in C minor  flu,cla,hor,bsn,pno  28:00 
54Mass in C major     Mass
55Violin Concerto No. 9 in D minor     Violin concerto
57Clarinet Concerto No. 2 in E flat major Eb+cla  24:00Concerto
58:1String Quartet No. 15 in E flat major     String quartet
58:2String Quartet No. 16 in A minor     String quartet
59Potpourri in A major on Irish themes A+vln  Medley
60Faust     Opera
62Violin Concerto no 10 in A major      
63Jessonda     Opera
64Potpourri for Violin and Cello on themes from "Jessonda",  vln,cel  Medley
65Double Quartet for Strings no 1 in D minor  str   
673 Duets for 2 Violins op. 67      
69String Quintet No. 3 in B minor      
70Violin Concerto No. 11 in G major      
726 German Songs op. 72     Song cycle
73Der Berggeist     Opera
74:1String Quartet No. 20 in A minor     String quartet
74:2String Quartet No. 21 in B flat major     String quartet
75Macbeth     Opera
76Pietro von Abano     Opera
77Double Quartet for Strings no 2 in E flat major  str   
79Violin Concerto No. 12 in A major, "Concertin     Violin concerto
80Potpourri for Clarinet and Orchestra on themes by P. von Winter     10:30Medley
81Fantasia and Variations for Clarinet and String Quartet on a theme of Danzi Bb+cla,str  7:00Fantasy
82:2String Quartet No. 24 in G major     String quartet
82:3String Quartet No. 25 in A minor     String quartet
84:1String Quartet No. 27 in D minor     String quartet
84:2String Quartet No. 28 in A major     String quartet
853 Psalms     Hymn
87Double Quartet for Strings no 3 in E minor  str   
88Concertante for 2 Violins in B minor      
91String Quintet No. 4 in A minor      
92Violin Concerto No. 13 in E major, "Concertin     Violin concerto
1036 German Songs op. 103     20:00Song cycle
106String Quintet No. 5 in G minor      
110Violin Concerto No. 14 in A minor, "Sonst und     Violin concerto
113Sonata for Violin and Harp no 3 in E flat maj  vln,har  Sonata
114Harp and Violin Sonata in D  har,vln   
115Harp and Violin Sonata in G major  har,vln   
116Symphony No. 6 in G major "Historical"     Symphony
118Fantasia on themes by Handel and VoglerFor violin & harp. har,vln  Fantasy
119Trio for Piano and Strings no 1 in E minor  pno,str   
124Trio for Piano and Strings no 3 in A minor  pno,str   
128Violin Concerto No. 15 in E minor     Violin concerto
129String Quintet No. 6 in E minor      
130Quintet for Piano and Strings in D major  pno,str   
131Concerto for String Quartet and Orchestra in A minor A-str,orc  Concerto
133Trio for Piano and Strings no 4 in B major  pno,str   
136Double Quartet for Strings no 4 in g minor  str   
140Sextet for Strings in C major      
141String Quartet No. 32 in C major     String quartet
142Trio for Piano and Strings no 5 in G minor  pno,str   
143Symphony No. 9 in B minor "Die Jahreszeiten"     Symphony
144String Quintet No. 7 in G minor      
147Septet in A minor A-flu,cla,hor,bsn,vln,cel,p   
148Duet for 2 Violins in F major  vln  Duet
150Duet for 2 Violins in D major  vln  Duet
152String Quartet No. 34 in E flat major      
153Duet for 2 Violins in C major  vln2  Duet
1546 german songs op. 154     Song
W10Violin Concerto in E minor     Violin concerto
W12Violin Concerto in A major     Violin concerto
W15Variations on a theme from Alruna Bb+cla  Variations
W16Concerto movement for Violin in D major     Concerto
W19Clarinet Concerto No. 3 in F minor  cla,pno  26:30Concerto
W20Clarinet Concerto No. 4 in E minor     Concerto
W23Sonata for Violin and Harp no. 1 in C minor  vln,har  Sonata
W28Trio for Harp, Violin and Cello in E/F minor  cel,har,vln   
W62Des Heilands letzte Stunden      
W9Violin Concerto in G major     Violin concerto
W92Was treibt den Waidmann in den Wald     Song
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