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Johann (jr) Strauss

25 oct 1825 (Vienna) - 3 jun 1899 (Vienna)
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  • Lesson Tutor - Shows how the son developed his father's dance forms with richer harmonies and more ambitious structures, eventually playing a part in the form of American stage and screen musicals. Includes music samples in Real Audio RAM format.
  • Grave of Johann Strauss, Jr. - Find a Grave biography and photographs of his tomb between those of Schubert and Brahms with link to listing of other famous people buried in Vienna's Central Cemetery.
  • Johann Strauss - Filmography at IMDb with list of films and compositions with brief biography and links.
  • Johann Strauss II - Brief biography with summaries of stage works and dance music and recommended Naxos recordings.
  • Johann Strauss Jr. - Illustrated biography including several caricatures with discography, links to other family members, analysis of how his music is played versus composer intent, and an article on the Dommaher Casino, where he often played.
  • Strauss Festival of Elk Grove, California - Recreation of 18th Century Vienna and the era known for romantic waltzes. Includes biography, AU audio samplings, schedules, contacts, map and driving information, gallery, and press releases.
  • Strauss, Johann (1825 - 1899), Austria - Biographical data, recommended CDs, books and sheet music, bibliography, and links to biographical essays from Dr. Estrella's Incredibly Abridged Dictionary of Composers.

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