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Igor Stravinsky

17 jun 1882 (Oranienbaum) - 6 apr 1971 (New York)
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Worklist for Igor Stravinsky

Igor Fyodorovich Strawinsky.

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name cmt key instr year time genre
141 works
1Symphony No. 1 in E flat Eborg1907 Symphony
3Scherzo fantastique  org1908 Scherzo
4FireworksFeu d'artifice orc1908 Fantasy
5Chant funèbre Op. 5lost orc1908  
62 melodies   1908 Song
74 studies for pianoQuattres études. pno1908  
92 Poèmes de Paul Verlaine     Poem
 2 Poems of Balmont      
 2 poems of Konstantin Balmont   1911 Song
 2 poems of Paul Verlaine   1910 Song
 2 Sacred Songs   1969 Song
 3 Easy Pieces      
 3 Japanese lyrics   1912 Song
 3 Little Songs "Recollections of My Childhood      
 3 pieces  cha1919  
 3 pieces for Clarinet solo  cla  4:00 
 3 pieces for string quartet   1914 7:30String quartet
 3 Songs from William Shakespeare   1954 Song
 3 Sacred Songs   1959 Hymn
 3 Tales for InfantsRussian Traditional children stories.  1917 Song
 4 Norwegian Moods  orc1942  
 4 Russian Peasant Songs   1919 Song
 4 Russian Songs   1954 Song
 4 studies for orchestraArrangement of 3 Pieces. orc1918  
 5 Easy pieces  pno1917  
 5 Fingers - 8 easy piecesLes cinq doits pno1921  
 8 Instrumental Miniatures  orc1962  
 Abraham and Isaac   1962 Song
 Agon   1957 Ballet
 Apollon musagète (Apollo)   1928 29:30Ballet
 Ave Maria (in latin)   1949 Choral
 Ave Maria (in church slavonic)   1934 Choral
 A Sermon, A Narrative and a Prayer   1961 Cantata
 Babel   1953 Cantata
 Ballade  cha1947 Ballade
 Berceuse   1917 Song
 Berceuse from Firebird  cha1929 Berceuse
 Canons   1917 Canon
 Cantata (medieval english)   1952 Cantata
 Cat's Cradle Songs   1916 Song
 Concerto 'Dumbarton Oaks' in E flat Eborc1937 Concerto
 Chants du rossiognol et Marche chinoise  cha1932  
 Concerto for 2 pianos  pno1935 21:30Concerto
 Concertino for orchestraArrangement of the Concertino for String Quartet. orc1924 Concertino
 Cantata for piano and chorus   1904 Cantata
 Capriccio for piano and orchestra   1928 Capriccio
 Concertino for String Quartet   1923 String quartet
 Concerto in D for String Orchestra D 1946 12:00String orchestra
 Canon on a Russian Popular Tune   1965 Canon
 Circus polka for young elephant   1942 March
 Chanson Russe  cha1937  
 Canticum Sacrum ad honorem S. Marci nominisCanticum Sacrum ad honorem Sancti Marci nominis.  1955 Choral
 Danses concertantes  orc1942  
 Double Canon  orc1959  
 Duo concertante  pno,vln1932  
 Divertimento for orchestraArrangement of the Divertimento for violin and piano. orc1934 Divertimento
 Duet for two bassoons  bsn1918 Duet
 Divertimento for violin and piano  pno,vln1932 Divertimento
 Elegy for J.F.K.  orc1964 Elegy
 Elegy for J. Auden   1964 Song
 Elégie  cha1944 Elegy
 Epitaphium  cha1959  
 Faun and sheperdess   1906 Song
 Fanfare for a New TheatreFor 2 trumpets. tru1964  
 LullabyArranged from The Fairy's Kiss. cha1960 Berceuse
 Monumentum - 3 MadrigalsMadrigals of Gesualdo di Venosa.  1960 Madrigal
 March (arrangement of 3 Easy Pieces)  orc1915 March
 Massin latin.  1944 20:30Mass
 MavraOpera Buffa in one act after Pushkin by Boris Kochno.  1922 Opera
 Movements for piano and orchestra  orc,pno1958  
 Mephistopheles Lied vom FlohSong of the flea (Beethoven).  1954 Song
 Octet  cha1922  
 Ode, elegiacal chant in 3 parts  orc1943  
 Our father (Otche nash)     Choral
 Octet for Wind Instruments  win1952 14:30 
 Oedipus Rex   1927 Oratorio
 Orpheus   1947 Ballet
 Petrushka - 3 movements  pno1921 15:30 
 Prelude and Round of the PrincessesFrom the Firebird cha1933 Rondo
 Pastorale (chambermusic)  orc1933  
 Pastorale (song)   1907 Song
 Petit canon pour la fete de Nadia Boulanger   1947 Song
 Persephone   1934 47:30Musical story
 PetrushkaThe original version is from 1911. There is also a revised version from 1947.  1911 34:00Burlesque
 Preludium for jazz band   1936 Prelude
 Pater Noster (church slavonic)  org1926  
 Pater Noster (latin)  org1949  
 PolkaArrangement of 3 Easy Pieces. cha1915 Polka
 Petit Ramusianum harmonique   1937 Song
 Pribaoutki   1914 Song
 Piano Rag Music  pno1919  
 Pulcinella Suite   1922 Orchestral suite
 Pulcinella   1920 Ballet
 Requiem Canticles   1965 Requiem
 Renard   1916 Opera
 Ragtime for 11 Instruments  orc1918  
 Recollections of my childhood   1929 Song
 Saucers - 4 Russian Peasant Songs   1917 Song
 Scherzo à la russe   1944 Scherzo
 Suite after themes of PergolesiArranged from Pulcinella.  1925 Suite
 Storm Cloud   1902 Song
 Scherzo  pno1902  
 Souvenir d'une marche boche  pno1915  
 Septet   1952 Septet
 Sonata for 2 pianos  pno21944 Piano duet
 Song for children  pno1917 Song
 Sonata for piano (1924)  pno1924 Piano Sonata
 Suite ItalienneArranged from Pulcinella. cha1932 18:30Suite
 Symphony in 3 Movements   1945 22:30Symphony
 Serenade in A   1925 12:00Serenade
 Symphony in C   1939 28:30Symphony
 Sonata in F sharp minor F#-pno1904 29:00Piano Sonata
 Suite No. 1arrangement of 3 Pieces.  1917 Orchestral suite
 Suite No. 2Arrangement of 3 Easy Pieces.  1921 Orchestral suite
 Symbol of Faith/ Russian Credo   1932 Choral
 Symphony of PsalmsFrom Psalm 38:13-14 and Psalm 34:2-4.  1930 Choral
 Symphonies of Wind InstrumentsSymphonies D'Instrument Vent win1920 9:00 
 Study (pianola) Madrid  pla1917 Etude
 Tarantella  pno1898  
 The Card PartyJeux de cartes.  1936 Ballet
 The Dove Descending Breaks the AirFrom T.S.Eliot's Little Gidding.  1962 Choral
 The FirebirdL'oiseau de feu  1910 Ballet
 The FloodLe Déluge.  1961 Opera
 The Fairy's kissLe Baiser de la Fée.  1928 Ballet
 Tango for orchestraArrangement of Tango for Piano. org1953 Tango
 Tango fro piano  pno1940 Tango
 The Firebird suiteL'oiseau de feu  1911 31:00Orchestral suite
 The King of the Stars   1912 Choral
 Threni: Lamentations of Jeremiah the Prophet   1958 Choral
 The Mushrooms Going to War   1904 Song
 The NightingaleRossignol.  1909 Musical story
 The Owl and the PussycatBased on Edward Lear's poem  1966 Song
 Le sacre du printempsThe Rite of Spring  1913 37:00Ballet
 The Rakes Progress   1951 Opera
 The Seven Lively ArtsScènes de ballet  1944 18:30Ballet
 The Song of the nightingale   1917 Symphonic poem
 The Soldier's TaleL'Histoire du Soldat.  1918 Opera
 The Soldier's Tale - suiteL'histoire du Soldat.    27:00Orchestral suite
 The WeddingLes Noces  1917 24:00Opera
 Violin Concerto in D D 1931 Violin concerto
 Variations for OrchestraAldous Huxley in memoriam. orc1965 Variations
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