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Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

7 may 1840 (Wotkinsk) - 6 nov 1893 (St-Petersburg)

Pjotr Illich Tchaikovsky. Peter Tchaikovsky.

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Name/Genre/Year/Popularity opus
16 Children's Songs (2;2m) 54
18 Pieces op. 72 (2;49m) 72
1812 (5;17m) 49
6 pieces op. 19 (1;4m) 19
6 Songs op. 6 (2;3m) 6
Capriccio Italien (1;15m) 45
Children's Album (2;28m) 39
Concert Fantasia (2;30m) 56
Dumka (1;9m) 59
Eugene Onegin (4;132m) 24
Liturgy of Saint John Chrisostom (2;1m) 41
My genius, my angel, my friend! (1;1m)
Pezzo capriccioso (3;8m) 62
Piano Concerto no. 1 (3;34m) 23
Piano Concerto No. 2 (1;33m) 44
Piano Concerto No3 (1;16m) 75
Piano Trio in A minor op. 50 (2;41m) 50
Pique dame (1;6m) 68
Romeo and Juliet Overture (2;19m)
Name/Genre/Year/Popularity opus
Serenade in C major op. 48 (1;30m) 48
Sonata in G major "Grande Sonate" (1;3m) 37
Souvenir d'un lieu cher (3;11m) 42
Souvenir de Florence (2;36m) 70
String Quartet No.1 (1;29m) 11
Suite No.1 (1;37m) 43
Suite No.2 in C major (1;35m) 53
Suite No.3 in G major (1;38m) 55
Swan Lake (ballet) (1;89m) 20
Swan Lake (suite) (1;3m) 20a
Symphony Manfred (1;47m) 58
Symphony No.3 "Polish" (1;42m) 29
Symphony No.4 (5;40m) 36
Symphony No.6 "Pathétique" (1;45m) 74
The Nutcracker - suite (4;46m) 71a
The Seasons (6;46m) 37a
The Sleeping Beauty (1;5m) 66
Variations on a Rococo Theme (1;17m) 33
Violin Concerto (2;33m) 35

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