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Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

7 may 1840 (Wotkinsk) - 6 nov 1893 (St-Petersburg)
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Worklist for Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Pjotr Illich Tchaikovsky. Peter Tchaikovsky.

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name cmt key instr year time genre
100 works
12 pieces op. 1  pno1867  
2Souvenir de Hapsal  pno1867  
3Voyevoda (opera)   1867 Opera
4Valse Caprice D+pno1868  
5Romance F-pno1868  
66 Songs op. 6   1869 Song
7Valse Scherzo op. 7 A+pno1870  
8Capriccio Gb+pno1870  
93 pieces op. 9Trois morceaux = 3 pieces. pno1870  
102 pieces op. 10Deux morceaux = 2 pieces. pno1871  
11String Quartet No.1 D+ 1865 27:30String quartet
12Snow MaidenСнегурочка  1873 Incidental music
13Symphony No.1 "Winter daydreams" G- 1866 43:30Symphony
14Vakula the Smith   1875 Opera
15Festival OvertureFestival Overture on the Danish National Anthem.D+ 1866 Overture
166 Songs op. 16   1872 Song
17Symphony No.2 "Little Russian" C- 1872 33:30Symphony
18The TempestBuryaF- 1873 24:00Symphonic fantasy
196 pieces op. 19Six morceaux = 6 pieces. pno1873 26:30 
20Swan Lake (ballet)   1876 1:20:00Ballet
20aSwan Lake (suite)     26:00Suite
216 pieces on a Single ThemeSix Morceaux, composés sur un seul thème. pno1873  
22String Quartet No.2 F+ 1871 35:00String quartet
23Piano Concerto no. 1 Bb- 1875 36:00Piano concerto
24Eugene Onegin   1878 2:30:00Opera
256 Songs op. 25   1875 Song
26Serenade melancoliqueFor violin and orchestra.B- 1875 Serenade
276 Songs op. 27   1875 Song
286 Songs op. 28   1875 Song
29Symphony No.3 "Polish" D+ 1875 44:30Symphony
30String Quartet No.3 Eb+ 1874 35:30String quartet
31Slavonic March Bb+orc1876  
32Francesca da Rimini E- 1876 25:00Symphonic fantasy
33Variations on a Rococo Theme A+cel,orc1876 18:00Variations
34Valse Scherzo op. 34 C+orc,vln1877  
35Violin Concerto D+ 1878 36:00Violin concerto
36Symphony No.4 F- 1877 41:00Symphony
37Sonata in G major "Grande Sonate" G+ 1878 30:00Piano Sonata
37aThe SeasonsLes Saisons = the seasons. pno1876 42:00 
386 Songs op. 38   1878 Song
39Children's Album  pno1878 28:30 
4012 PiecesDouze Morceaux (difficulté moyenne) = 12 pieces (medium difficulty). pno1878  
41Liturgy of Saint John ChrisostomUnaccompanied chorus.  1878 Choir
42Souvenir d'un lieu cher  pno,vln1878 17:30 
43Suite No.1 D+orc1879 37:00Suite
44Piano Concerto No. 2 G+ 1880 44:30Piano concerto
45Capriccio ItalienCapriccio Italien = Italian Capriccio.A+orc1880 15:00Capriccio
466 Duets op. 46   1880 Duet
477 Songs op. 47   1880 Song
48Serenade in C major op. 48 C+ 1880 29:00Strings
491812Festival OvertureEb+ 1880 16:00Overture
50Piano Trio in A minor op. 50 A- 1882 47:30Piano trio
516 Pieces op. 51Six morceaux = 6 pieces. pno1882  
52Vesper ServiceUnaccompanied chorus.  1882 Choir
53Suite No.2 in C major C+orc1883 41:00Suite
5416 Children's Songs16 Chansons Pour La Jeunesse  1883 Song
54aLegend (song)Unaccompanied chorus (arrangement of a solo song).  1889 Song
55Suite No.3 in G major G+orc1884 43:30Suite
56Concert FantasiaConcerto Fantasy. The contrasts are: Andante Cantabile, Molto Vivace, Vivacissimo, Allegro Moderato, Vivace, VivacissimoG+orc1884 28:30 
576 Songs op. 57   1884 Song
58Symphony Manfred B- 1885 53:00Symphony
59DumkaRussian rustic Scene.C-pno1886 9:00 
6012 Songs op. 60   1886 Song
61Suite No.4 in G major "Mozartiana" G+orc1887 24:00Suite
62Pezzo capriccioso B-cel,orc1887 8:00 
636 Songs op. 63   1887 Song
64Symphony No.5 E- 1888 43:00Symphony
656 French Songs op. 65   1888 Song
66The Sleeping Beauty   1876 Ballet
66aThe Sleeping Beauty - suite     33:00Suite
67aHamlet-overture F- 1888 Overture-fantasia
67bHamlet   1891 Incidental music
68Pique damePikovaya dama = Pique dame = the queen of spades. Best known is Lisa's aria from act I, also known as "Midnight is nearing" or "Ah, I am worn with sorrow". I haven't been able to find out which song it is.  1890 3:00:00Opera
69Iolanthe   1891 Opera
70Souvenir de Florence D+ 1890 33:00String sextet
71The Nutcracker   1892 1:26:00Ballet
71aThe Nutcracker - suite   1892 22:00Suite
7218 Pieces op. 72Dix-huit morceaux = 18 pieces. pno1893 1:08:00 
736 Songs op. 73   1893 Song
74Symphony No.6 "Pathétique" B- 1893 43:30Symphony
75Piano Concerto No3 Eb+ 1893 15:30Piano concerto
76Storm E+ 1864 Overture
77FatumFatum = fate.C- 1868 Symphonic poem
78Voyevoda - symphonic ballad A- 1891 Symphonic poem
79Andante and FinaleUnfinished. orc1893 20:30Andante
80Piano Sonata in C sharp minor op. 80 C#- 1893 Piano Sonata
 9 church pieces9 sacred choruses.  1885 42:00Hymn
 Characteristic Dances   1865  
 Cantata To Joy   1865 Cantata
 Evening   1881  
 Mazeppa   1883 Opera
 My genius, my angel, my friend!Moj genij, moj angel, moj drug = My angel, my genius, my friend!  1858 1:15Song
 Maid of Orleans   1882 Opera
 Moscow   1883  
 Nature and Love   1870  
 Oprichnik   1872  
 Romeo and Juliet   1869 Overture-fantasia
 Romeo and Juliet OvertureThis work had three versions: from 1869,1870 and 1880.  1880 20:00Overture-fantasia
 TcherevichkyCherevichki. The Slippers; The Little Shoes, The Tsarina's Slippers, The Empress's Slippers, The Golden Slippers, The Little Slippers, Les caprices d'Oxane  1885 2:30:00 
 Undine   1869  
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