Terms of service for classiccat.net

Classic Cat is an index of free to download classical music. We take care to include to select only music that has been made available by the artists themselves, but we can not accept responsibility if we might accidently refer to music that was published without this permission.

Due to time constraints we cannot ask each musician for permission to link to their works. However, when someone objects to us linking to their music we will remove it.

Classic Cat respects musicians and asks from its visitors the same. Comments on the favorite lists should be positive: if you don't like some music, please ignore it.

On their favorite lists visitors are expected to follow the guidelines for respectful and civilized discourse as also applies on other websites. Classic Cat reserves the right to remove lists and to ban users that use or allow inproper language or negative comments to music.

Classic Cat reserves the right to adapt these terms of use.

Classic Cat may occassionally send you emails to inform you about changes in the website.