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Giuseppe Verdi

10 oct 1813 (Roncole) - 27 jan 1901 (Milan)
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48 works
4 Sacred Pieces4 Pezzi Sacri; Quattro pezzi sacri  1898 39:00Hymn
6 Romanze (1838)   1838 Song cycle
AidaOpera in 4 acts. From a scenario by Auguste Mariette.  1871 2:30:00Opera
Album di Sei Romanze (1845)   1845 Song cycle
AlziraOpera in a prologue and 2 acts. After Voltaire's tragedy Alzire, ou les Américains.  1845 Opera
AroldoRevision of stiffelio.  1857 Opera
Attila   1846 Opera
Chi i bei di m'adduce ancora     2:45Song
Don CarlosGrand opera in 5 acts. After Schiller's dramatic poem Don Carlos, Infant von Spanien. Also: Don Carlo.  1867 Opera
ErnaniOpera in 4 acts. After the play Hernani by Victor Hugo.  1844 Opera
FalstaffOpera in 3 acts. After Shakespeare's Falstaff and Henry IV, (1 & 2).  1893 Opera
Giovanna d'ArcoOpera in a prologue & 3 acts. After Schiller's drama Die Jungfrau von Orleans.  1845 1:50:00Opera
Guarda che bianca luna: notturno   1839 Song
I due FoscariOpera in 3 acts. After the play The Two Foscari by Lord Byron.   1844 Opera
I lombardi alla prima crociataOpera in 4 acts. After the poem of the same name by Tommaso Grossi.  1843 Opera
I masnadieri.Opera in 4 acts. After Schiller's drama Die Räuber.  1847 2:00:00Opera
I Vespri SicilianiLes vêpres siciliennes = I Vespri Siciliani. Grand opera in 5 acts. After Scribe & Duveyrier's libretto Le Duc d'Albe. Revised as "Giovanna de Guzman".  1855 3:00:00Opera
Il corsaroOpera in 3 acts. after Lord Byron's poem The Corsair.  1848 Opera
Il poveretto   1847 Song
Il trovatore   1853 2:18:00Opera
Inno delle NazioniHymn of the Nations.    Song
JérusalemRevision of I Lombardi. Opera in 4 acts. Gerusalemme.  1847 Opera
L'Abandonée   1849 Song
L'esule   1839 Song
La battaglia di LegnanoOpera in 4 acts. After the play La Battaille de Toulouse by Joseph Méry.  1849 Opera
La forza del destinoOpera in 4 acts. After the play Don Alvaro, o La Fuerza del sino by Angel de Saavedra, Duke of Rivas, and Schiller's drama Wallensteins Lager.  1862 Opera
La seduzione   1839 Song
La TraviataThe woman who strayed, opera after the play La Dame aux camélias by Alexandre Dumas fils.  1853 2:00:00Opera
Luisa MillerOpera in 3 acts. After Schiller's drama Kabale und Liebe.  1849 Opera
MacbethOpera in 4 acts. After the play by Shakespeare.  1847 2:15:00Opera
Messa solenne     Mass
NabuccoNabucodonosor. Opera in 4 parts. After the play Nabucodonosor by Anicet-Bourgeois and Francis Cornue.  1842 2:19:30Opera
Oberto, Conte di San BonifacioOpera in 2 acts  1839 Opera
OtelloOpera in 4 acts. After Shakespeare's play.  1887 Opera
Pater Noster     6:30Hymn
Pietà Signor   1894 Song
RequiemVerdi wrote the Messa da Requiem to the memory of his revered compatriot, Alessandro Manzoni. It was first heard in 1874, a year to the day after Manzoni's death.D 1874 1:25:00Requiem
Rigoletto   1851 2:00:00Opera
Simon BoccanegraOpera in a prologue and 3 acts. After the play Simon Bocanegra by Antonio García Gutiérrez.  1857 Opera
StiffelioOpera in 3 acts. After the play Le Pasteur, ou L'Évangile et le Foyer by Émile Souvestre and Eugène Bourgeois. In 1857 revised as "Aroldo".  1850 Opera
Stornello   1869 Song
String Quartet in E minor  stq1873 21:30String quartet
Suona la tromba"Suona la tromba" (The trumpet sounds) or "Inno popolare" (Hymn of the people) was a secular hymn composed by Giuseppe Verdi in 1848 to a text by the Italian poet and patriot Goffredo Mameli.  1848 4:30Song
Tantum ergo in F major      
Tantum ergo in G major      
Un ballo in mascheraOpera in 3 acts. After Scribe's libretto Gustave III.  1859 Opera
Un giorno di regnoIl finto Stanislao. Melodramma giocoso in 2 acts. After the comedy Le Faux Stanislas by Alexandre Vincent Pineu-Duval.  1840 Opera
Waltz in F majorValzer in fa maggiore. Famous from the movie Il Gattopardo.    Waltz
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