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Heitor Villa-Lobos

5 mar 1887 (Rio de Janeiro) - 17 nov 1959 (Rio de Janeiro)

Books about Heitor Villa-Lobos and his music

bookSimon Wright Villa-Lobos (Oxford Studies of Composers)
Oxford Univ Pr (Txt), 1992; ISBN 0193154757; 160 pages
The music of the prolific Heitor Villa-Lobos (1887-1959) typifies Brazil, in its diversity, spirit of racial amalgam, and awesome beauty. Through the sheer quantity of his output, his original use of folkloric material, and the striking accessibility of his scores, Villa-Lobos has become the best-known and most significant Latin American composer of all time. This book provides an introduction to his music, and by focusing attention on important or unusual works from his large oeuvre, charts Villa-Lobos's own often anguished musical journey through the Brazilian landscape. Jungle, grasslands, river, city, and ocean all find a legitimate place in his aural mosaic of Brazil, but as he approached death his music assumed a deep spiritual quality of peace and resignation. His personal journey of discovery and fulfillment is clearly explained, set against the pervasive backdrop of social and political upheaval which characterized Brazil during Villa-Lobos's lifetime. Price indication: $ 22.30
bookDavid P. Appleby Heitor Villa-Lobos: A Life (1887-1959) : A Life (1887-1959)
Scarecrow Press, 2002; ISBN 0810841495; 288 pages
Heitor Villa-Lobos was the most famous, and charismatic twentieth century Brazilian composer. This book, based on the composer's private papers and correspondence, describes the gradual development from his first struggles to world wide recognition of the individuality of his compositions and his influence on the generation of musicians and composers of the late twentieth and twenty first century. Essential reading for anyone who has ever succumbed to the magic and power of Villa-Lobos's music and to anyone interested in the arts of Brazil over the last century. Price indication: $ 34.35
bookHeitor Villa-Lobos The Villa-Lobos Letters
Toccata Press, 2001; ISBN 0907689299; 212 pages
This complete edition of the letters of the Brazilian composer Heitor Villa-Lobos, collected for the first time in any language, details his stay in the Paris of the 1920s, his work in Brazil and the 1930s and `40s and his international travels as conductor of his own music. The letters also discuss commissions for ballets, concertos and other works. Lisa M. Peppercorn, who knew Villa-Lobos, is the acknowledged expert on the life and music of this colourful figure, and she gives a detailed commentary on the events giving rise to the letters. A chronology gives a detailed account of Villa-Lobos' life, which is thoroughly illustrated with photographs of the persons and places associated with Villa-Lobos, facsimiles of works and concert programmes, and so on. The letters thus form a guide to the most productive years of his life. Price indication: $ 29.45
bookL. M. Peppercorn and Lisa M. Peppercorn The World of Villa-Lobos in Pictures and Documents
Scolar Press, 1996; ISBN 185928261X; 336 pages Price indication: $ 99.95
bookDavid P. Appleby Heitor Villa-Lobos: A Bio-Bibliography (Bio-Bibliographies in Music)
Greenwood Press, 1988; ISBN 0313253463; 372 pages
One of the most prolific composers of the 20th century, Heitor Villa-Lobos' influence on the music of Latin America was enormous. This bio-bibliography, published to coincide with the centennial celebration of the composer's birth, contains comprehensive information about his life and work heretofore unavailable in a single source in any language. The book is divided into four principal sections: Biography, Works and Performances, Discography, and Bibliography. Designed as a basic research tool for scholars interested in Latin American music and culture, performing musicians, and music students, the volume also includes helpful appendixes containing alphabetical and classified lists of compositions. Price indication: $ 96.95
bookLisa M. Peppercorn Villa-Lobos Letters
Toccata Press, 1994; ISBN 0907689280 Price indication: $ 39.95
bookLisa Peppercorn Villa Lobos (Great Composer Series)
Music Sales Corp, 1989; ISBN 0711916888; 144 pages Price indication: $ 104.87
bookLisa Margaret Peppercorn Villa-Lobos: Collected Studies by L.M. Peppercorn
Scolar Press, 1992; ISBN 0859679063; 261 pages
This work brings together in their origianl format, all of the writings over 51 years of Lisa M. Peppercorn on Villa-Lobos, the leading figure in 20th century Latin American music. They cover his life, family and music and include a selection of his letters. Price indication: $ 109.95
bookLisa M. Peppercorn Villa-Lobos: The Music : An Analysis of His Style
John Deere Publishing, 1991; ISBN 0912483369; 136 pages Price indication: $ 24.95

Sheet music, libretti, etc.

Aria: Bachianas Brasilieras, No. 5 - Associated

Bachianas Brasileiras: No. 5: Solo Saxophone (or C Instument) and Saxophone Quartet - Associated Music Publishers
This new arrangement by Frank Bongiorno of the popular Aria (or Cantilena) from Villa LobosÕ Bachianas Brasilieras #5 is for alto sax solo and sax quartet accompaniment, and includes a score and all parts. This saxophone arrangement makes the famous tune accessible to even more players.

Choro Tipico No. 1 - Mel Bay Publications

Piano Music : "Prole Do Bebe" Vol. 1, "DanCas Caracteristicas Africanas" and Other Works - Dover Publications
Rich selection of 33 pieces by famed Brazilian composer, including the well-known "Prole do Bebê Vol. 1," "Suíte Floral"(3 pieces), "Simples Coletânea" (3 pieces), "Histórias da Carochinha" (4 pieces) and many more. Reprinted from authoritative editions.<br>

String Quartet No. 4: (Score and Parts) - Associated

The Piano Music of Heitor Villa-Lobos - Amsco Music
An exciting assortment of piano works that are musically and technically rewarding as study pieces, and appealing in recital. The music is on a level with that of the 18th and 19th century masters.

Villa Lobos Baby's Family - Warner Bros Pubns

Villa Lobos: Collected Works for Solo Guitar - Music Sales Corp

Villa-Lobos Solo Guitar: Heitor Villa-Lobos Collected Works for Solo Guitar - Theodore Presser Co

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