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Antonio Vivaldi

4 mar 1678 (Venice) - 27 jul 1741 (Vienna)

RV = Ryom number F = Fanna number RC = Ricordi number P = Pincherle number

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F   (continued)
Flute Concerto no. 1 in F La Tempesta di Mare (1;7m) 433 10:1
Gloria in D major RV589 (2;30m) 589   
Laudate Dominum (1;2m) 606   
Magnificat RV 610 (1;14m) 610 112:2
Magnificat RV 611 (2;23m) 611   
Mandolin concerto in C major (1;3m) 425   
Ottone in villa (1;2m) 729   
Sonata (20 Variations) in D minor on "La Follia" (1;10m) 63 1:12
Sonata in E major for 2 violins and bc RV67 (1;8m) 67 1:2
Spring (2;11m) 269 8:1
String Concerto in C major RV 110 (1;5m) 110   
String Concerto in C major RV114 (1;3m) 114   
String Concerto in C minor RV120 (1;8m) 120   
String Concerto in G minor RV153 (1;8m) 153   
Summer (1;10m) 315 8:2
Winter (2;9m) 297 8:4

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