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Peter Warlock

30 oct 1894 (London) - 17 dec 1930 (london)
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Worklist for Peter Warlock

Pseudonym of Philip Heseltine.

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113 works
2 Short SongsText from R. Herrick  1923 Song
2 SongsText from A. Symons  1925 Song
3 Belloc Songs   1927 Song
3 CarolsText from T. L. Beddoes  1923 Song
3 Dirges of Webster   1925 Song
4 Codpieces, pf, 1916  pno1916  
A Chinese Ballet  pno1916  
A Lake and a Fairy BoatText from T. Hood  1911 Song
Adam lay ybounden   1922 Song
After Two YearsText from R. Aldington  1930 Song
An Old Song  orc1917  
And wilt thou leave me thusText from T. Wyatt  1928 Song
As Dewe in Aprylle   1918 Song
As ever I saw   1918 Song
Autumn TwilightText from A. Symons  1922 Song
Away to Twiver   1926 Song
Balulalow   1918 Song
Benedicamus Domino   1918 Song
Bethlehem DownText from B. Blunt  1930 Song
Bethlehem Down (choral version)Text from B. Blunt  1927 Song
Bright is the ring of wordsText from R. L. Stevenson  1918 Song
CandlelightText from 12 nursery rhymes    Song
Capriol Suiteversions for paino duet and string orchestra and full orchestra. orc1926 12:00 
Captain Stratton's FancyText from J. Masefield.  1921 Song
Carillon CarillaText from H. Belloc  1930 Song
Chanson du jour de NoëlText from C. Marot  1925 Song
Choral: The Full HeartText from R. Nichols  1916 Song
ConsiderText from F. Madox Ford  1923 Song
Cornish Christmas CarolText from H. Jenner  1918 Song
Corpus Christi (chamber version)   1927 Song
Corpus Christi, A.   1919 Song
Cradle SongText from J. Phillip  1927 Song
DedicationText from P. Sydney  1918 Song
Fair and TrueText from N. Breton  1926 Song
Fill the Cup, Philip   1928 Song
Folk Song Preludes  pno1918  
Good Ale   1922 Song
Hey troly loly lo   1922 Song
I asked a thief to steal me a peachText from W. Blake  1917 Song
I have a gardenText from T. Moore  1924 Song
I saw a fair maiden   1927 Song
In an arbour green   1922 Song
Jenny Gray   1923 Song
Jillian of BerryText from F. Beaumont and J. Fletcher  1926 Song
Kanow KernowText from H. Jenner  1918 Song
Late SummerText from E. B. Shanks    Song
LillygayText from V. B. Neuburg  1922 Song
Little Trotty WagtailText from J. Clare  1922 Song
Love for LoveText from T. Dekker  1918 Song
MaltwormsText from W. Stevenson  1926 Song
MilkmaidsText by J. Smith.  1923 Song
MockeryText from W. Shakespeare  1927 Song
Mourne no MoeText from J. Fletcher  1919 Song
Mr Belloc's FancyText from J. C. Squire  1921 Song
Music, when soft voices dieText from P. B. Shelley  1911 Song
My gostly faderText from C. duc d'Orléans.  1918 Song
My lady is a pretty one   1919 Song
My little sweet darling (chamber music)   1927 Song
My sweet little darling   1918 Song
One More River, Bar,   1925 Song
Passing by   1928 Song
Peter Warlock's Fancy   1924 Song
Peterisms, set IText from G. Peele  1922 Song
Peterisms, set IIText from N. Udall  1922 Song
Piggesnie   1922 Song
Play Acting   1920 Song
Pretty Ring TimeText from W. Shakespeare  1925 Song
Pretty Ring Time (chamber music)Text from W. Shakespeare  1925 Song
Queen Anne   1928 Song
Rest sweet nymphs   1922 Song
Robin Goodfellow   1926 Song
RomanceText from R. L. Stevenson    Song
Row well ye Mariners  pno   
Saudades   1916 Song
SerenadeText from London, 1926/R1971    String orchestra
Seven Songs of Summer   1928 Song
Sigh no more ladiesText from W. Shakespeare  1927 Song
SleepText from J. Fletcher  1922 3:00Song
Sorrow's LullabyText from T. L. Beddoes  1926 Song
Sweet and TwentyText from W. Shakespeare  1924 Song
Sweet Content   1918 Song
Take, o take those lips awayText from W. Shakespeare  1918 Song
The Bachelor   1922 Song
The bayley berith the bell away (choral)   1928 Song
The bayley berith the bell away,   1918 Song
The BirdsText from H. Belloc  1926 Song
The Cloths of HeavenText from W. B. Yeats. Revised in 1919.  1916 Song
The CountrymanText from J. Chalkhill  1926 Song
The Cricketers of HambledonText from Blunt  1928 Song
The curlewText from W.B. Yeats  1920 Song
The Everlasting VoicesText from W. B. Yeats  1915 Song
The Fairest May (chamber version)   1930 Song
The First MercyText from B. Blunt  1927 Song
The First Mercy (choral version)Text from B. Blunt  1928 Song
The Five Lesser Joys of MaryText from D. L. Kelleher  1929 Song
The FoxText from B. Blunt  1930 Song
The Frostbound WoodText from B. Blunt  1929 Song
The Jolly Shepherd   1927 Song
The Lady's Birthday   1925 Song
The Lover's MazeText from T. Campion  1927 Song
The Old Codger  pno1917  
The SingerText from E. B. Shanks  1922 Song
The Spring of the YearText from A. Cunningham  1925 Song
The Toper's Song   1924 Song
The Water LilyText from R. Nichols  1917 Song
The Wind from the WestText from E. Young  1911 Song
There is a Lady   1919 Song
To the Memory of a Great SingerText from R. L. Stevenson  1918 Song
Twelve Oxen   1924 Song
Tyrley Tyrlow   1922 Song
Walking the Woods   1927 Song
Whenas the ryeText from G. Peele.  1918 Song
Yarmouth FairText from H. Collins  1924 Song
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