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I've Found a New Baby

Song 1926.
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"I've Found a New Baby", also known as "I Found a New Baby", is a popular song written by Jack Palmer and Spencer Williams. It was introduced by Clarence Williams' Blue Five in 1926 and has since been recorded by many artists, making it a popular jazz standard.[1]

Spencer Williams and Palmer had collaborated in 1924 on the hit song "Everybody Loves My Baby, but My Baby Don't Love Nobody but Me", and Williams had a hit in 1919 with "Royal Garden Blues".[2] All three have become standards, and "I've Found a New Baby" is included in the repertoire of almost every traditional jazz band.[1]

Charlie Christian's guitar solo on "I've Found a New Baby" with the Benny Goodman Orchestra in 1940 is considered one of the most influential solos the guitarist recorded.[3]


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