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Hugo Wolf

13 mar 1860 (Windischgraz) - 22 feb 1903 (Vienna)

Books about Hugo Wolf and his music

bookSusan Youens Hugo Wolf and his Mörike Songs
Cambridge University Press, 2000; ISBN 052165159X; 216 pages Price indication: $ 75.00
bookAmanda Glauert Hugo Wolf and the Wagnerian Inheritance
Cambridge University Press, 1999; ISBN 0521496373; 170 pages Price indication: $ 70.00
bookDeborah J. Stein Hugo Wolf's Lieder and Extensions of Tonality (Studies in Music, 72)
Univ of Rochester Pr, 1985; ISBN 0835719952; 334 pages
The harmonic language of the late nineteenth-century is studied here as a development of common-practice tonality, taking as a model selected songs by Hugo Wolf. Late nineteenth-century romantic composers employed extended-tonal language in a variety of genres, and a special feature of such tonal exapansion was the use of extra musical elements. Hugo Wolfs output, encompassing over 160 miniature masterworks, displays all the necessary characteristics, and makes an ideal subject for studying extensions of tonality. The study is organised to focus on individual techniques of tonal expanison, then to explore the foundations of that technique, and finally, to illustrate the conclusions with particular Wolf songs. Necessarily, Wolf's relationship to Richard Wagner, and to Wagner's revolutionary musical language, forms a part of this study, and so too does the similarity of Wolf's music to that of his contemporaries. Price indication: $ 29.10
bookHugo, Wolf The Music Criticism of Hugo Wolf
Holmes & Meier Publishers, 1978; ISBN 084190331X; 291 pages Price indication: $ 39.50
bookHugo Wolf and Louise McClelland Urban Hugo Wolf: Letters to Melanie Köchert
University of Wisconsin Press, 2003; ISBN 0299194442; 333 pages
This is a love story. It tells of an extraordinary epistolary relationship between Hugo Wolf, one of the greatest masters of the German art song, whose dedication to the poetic spirit of his music was equaled only by Franz Schubert and Robert Schumann, and Melanie Köchert, the wife of a prominent Viennese jeweler with whom Wolf shared a lifelong emotional, spiritual, and artistic bond. Wolf's letters to Köchert-he wrote 245 between 1887 and 1899-were composed during a period of almost unprecedented cultural upheaval in Europe, in the shadow of Vienna during the era of Freud, Mahler, and Klimt. They reveal Wolf at his most optimistic, celebrating his concert successes and the solitude he believed was so precious to his ability to compose. They follow Wolf through times of overwhelming despair, when his musical failures left him profoundly alienated, overcome, as he revealed to Köchert, "by a feeling of unspeakable emptiness and desolation." And they follow Wolf as he struggled to compose the 250 astounding art songs that are his creative legacy, and his almost simultaneous descent into madness. Hugo Wolf: Letters to Melanie Köchert , sensitively translated by Wolf scholar and interpreter Louise McClelland Urban, is a literary and musical even of the highest order. Price indication: $ 24.95
bookSusan Youens Hugo Wolf
Princeton University Press, 1992; ISBN 0691091455; 412 pages
In the virtual cottage industry of recent works on fin-de-sicle Vienna, Hugo Wolf (1860-1903) has been somewhat neglected, perhaps because he was the master of a small genre--the late Romantic lied--and never truly made his mark in the larger forms that command greater public attention. But in the realm of song, he is among the greatest inheritors of Schubert and Schumann, one who was both a traditionalist and a modernist. When the Viennese critic Eduard Hanslick disapprovingly dubbed Wolf "the Richard Wagner of the lied," he was paying oblique homage to Wolf's genius as a song composer in the most modern manner. In this book Susan Youens examines five aspects of Wolf's compositional art, each exemplifying a different synthesis of traditionalism and modernity and spanning his entire, tragically brief creative life, from his first efforts to his lapse into insanity in 1897. Wolf's youthful imitations of Schumann (a common phenomenon at the time), his genius for comic songs of a kind unlike any of his predecessors, his part in the ballad revival of the late nineteenth century, Wolf in relation to his contemporaries, and his pursuit of operatic fame--in her investigation of these subjects, Youens discusses the poetic texts as closely as she does the music and includes numerous previously unpublished sketches and fragments, examples from songs now long out-of-print and difficult to obtain, and citations from Wolf's vivid letters and from other sources of the period. For lieder enthusiasts, this book has much that is new or little known to offer. Price indication: $ 155.95
bookMosco Carner Hugo Wolf Songs
Olympic Marketing Corp, 1983; ISBN 0295958510 Price indication: $ 1.49
bookPeter Cook Hugo Wolf's Corregidor: A study of the opera and its origins
The author, 1976; ISBN 0950436003; 171 pages Price indication: $ 64.95
bookJ. F Weber Hugo Wolf (Discography series)
Weber, 1975; 86 pages Price indication: $ 54.67
bookErnest Newman Hugo Wolf
Dover Publications, 1966; 279 pages Price indication: (used only): from $ 11.00
bookEric Sams Songs of Hugo Wolf
Faber Faber Inc, ; ISBN 0571164765 Price indication: (used only): from $ 42.50
bookFrank Walker Hugo Wolf;: A biography
A. A. Knopf, 1968; 522 pages Price indication: (used only): from $ 9.99

Sheet music, libretti, etc.

45 Songs on Poems of Goethe and Eichendorff for Voice and Piano - Dover Publications
<DIV><DIV>German composer's deeply affecting works include pieces evoking a romantic moonlit world, exquisite short love lyrics, and works that explore the darker side of human experience.</DIV></DIV>

Music Minus One Mezzo-Soprano: Wolf German Lieder For Low Voice (Book & CD) - Music Minus One

Music Minus One Soprano: Wolf, German Lieder for High Voice (Book & CD) - Music Minus One

Spanish and Italian Songbooks - Dover Publications

The Complete Morike Songs - Dover Publications
Austrian composer’s splendid settings of 53 poems by German poet Eduard Mörike. Includes "Der Tambour," "Verborgenheit," "Elfenlied," 50 more. New literal prose translations of the lyrics provided, with lists of song titles and openings, and glossary of German musical terms. Sturdily bound, clearly reproduced collection of some of the finest lieder ever composed.<br>

Wolf / Pischna Little Pischna (Piano Solo) - Warner Bros Pubns

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