Books about

Jan Dismas Zelenka

16 oct 1679 (Loudovice) - 22 dec 1745 (Dresden)

Books about Jan Dismas Zelenka and his music

bookJanice B. Stockigt Jan Dismas Zelenka, 1679-1745: A Bohemian Musician at the Court of Dresden (Oxford Monographs on Music)
Oxford University Press, 2001; ISBN 0198166222; 380 pages
Jan Dismas Zelenka, the brilliant but elusive contemporary of Bach, musically served the Catholic chapel of the dazzling Dresden court during the first half of the eighteenth century. Research has uncovered biographical information, and reveals the remarkable music of a major figure of the Baroque era. Price indication: $ 131.74
bookSusanne Oschmann Jan Dismas Zelenka: Seine geistlichen italienischen Oratorien
Schott, 1986; ISBN 3795717949; 287 pages; in German Price indication: $ 106.55
bookNo author Zelenka-Dokumentation: Quellen und Materialien
Breitkopf & Härtel, 1989; ISBN 3765102423; 368 pages; in German Price indication: $ 333.31

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