Biography of

Emilio Arrieta Corera

20 oct 1821 (Puente la Reina) - 11 feb 1894 (Madrid)
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Emilio Arrieta

Pascual Juan Emilio Arrieta Corera (20 October 1821 – 11 February 1894) was a Spanish composer.

Arrieta was born in Puente la Reina, Navarre, and died in Madrid. His Italian training led him, under the favour of Queen Isabel II, to concentrate on operatic writing; and though he later composed zarzuelas he remained less committed to the renascent art form than his contemporaries such as Francisco Asenjo Barbieri, continuing to write in an essentially Italianate style throughout his life.

The 1887, through-sung and rewritten opera version of his zarzuela, Marina, is one of the most popular lyric stage works in the Spanish repertoire. It has been produced and recorded (on CD and DVD) many times.





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