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Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach

8 mar 1714 (Weimar) - 14 dec 1788 (Hamburg)
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Worklist for Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach

Catalogs: Wq = Wotquenne H = Helm NV = Nachlassverzeichnis

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name cmt key instr year time genre
65 works
1 403C1Keyboard Concerto in A minor, H403   1733 Piano concerto
2 404C2Keyboard Concerto in E flat major, H404   1734 Piano concerto
3 405C3Keyboard Concerto in G major, H403   1737 Piano concerto
22 425C23Flute concerto in D minor wq22Concerto in D minor for flute, strings and bc    24:00Concerto
23 427C24Keyboard concerto in D minor H427  hsc,str,bco1748 23:30Piano concerto
48:1 24 23Prussian Sonata No.1     7:00Piano Sonata
48:2 25 24Prussian Sonata No.2     Piano Sonata
48:3 26 25Prussian Sonata No.3     Piano Sonata
48:4 27 26Prussian Sonata No.4     Piano Sonata
48:5 28 27Prussian Sonata No.5     Piano Sonata
48:6 29 28Prussian Sonata No.6     Piano Sonata
58  Rondo No. 1 in A major      
59 284 Fantasy in C major     Fantasy
61  Rondo No. 2 in D minor      
62  Piano Sonata No. 17 in E major     Piano Sonata
65  Piano Sonata No. 28 in E flat major     Piano Sonata
65:44  Sonata in B flat Wq65/44     Sonata
65:5 13 Sonata in E minor - W65/5 H13     Sonata
80 536T46Empfindungen  pno,vln1787  
81 600T2412 stücke Wq 81  pno,vln1758  
82 628T3112 stücke Wq 82  pno,vln1769  
84 506 Flute Sonata in E major, Wq. 84     Sonata
92:1 516 Sonata for clarinet, bassoon & keyboard No. 1AllegrettoEb+   Sonata
92:2 517 Sonata for clarinet, bassoon & keyboard No. 2Allegro di moltoEb+   Sonata
92:3 518 Sonata for clarinet, bassoon & keyboard No. 3 Eb+   Sonata
92:4 519 Sonata for clarinet, bassoon & keyboard No. 4Allegro    Sonata
92:5 520 Sonata for clarinet, bassoon & keyboard No. 5Andante    Sonata
92:6 521 Sonata for clarinet, bassoon & keyboard No. 6AllegroBb+   Sonata
93 537Q1Quartet in A minor A- 1788  
94 538Q2Quartet in D major D+ 1788  
95 539Q3Quartet in G major G+cha1788  
117:2 220 160:4Solfeggietto in C minorSolfegietto, solfeggio pno   
124 551 Flute Sonata in E minor (Wq 124)     Flute Sonata
128  Flute and Basso Continuo Sonata in A minor  flu,bc  Sonata
132 562S015Sonata for Flute solo in A minor A-flu  10:30Sonata
135 549 Solo for Oboe and Continuo in G minor  obo,bc   
139  Harp Sonata in G major  har  Sonata
142 636 Duo for Two Clarinets, Wq. 142     Sonata
147 571 Trio sonata in C major Wq 147     13:00Sonata
149 573 Trio Sonata in C major, Wq. 149     Sonata
156 582T18Sinfonia in A minor A- 1754 Sinfonia
168 435 Flute concerto in A major wq168Concerto in A Major for flute, strings and bc    17:30Concerto
169 445 Concerto in G major for flute and orchestra  flu,orc  23:00Flute concerto
170 439 Cello Concerto in A minor A-   26:00Cello concerto
171 436 Cello Concerto in B flat major Bb+   24:30Cello concerto
172 439 Cello Concerto in A major A+   20:00Cello concerto
174 649 Symphony in C major     Symphony
176 651 Symphony in D major Wq176     Symphony
179  Symphony in E flat major     Symphony
182:1 657 Symphony No. 1 in G major Wq182     Symphony
182:2 658 Symphony No. 2 in B flat major Wq182     Symphony
182:3 659 Symphony No. 3 in C major Wq182     Symphony
182:4 660 Symphony No. 4 in A major Wq182     Symphony
182:5 661 Symphony No. 5 in B minor Wq182 B-   11:00Symphony
182:6 662 Symphony No. 6 in E major Wq182     Symphony
183:1 663 Symphony in D major Wq183Wq 183 = 4 Sinfonias pour 12 instruments obligésD+   10:30Symphony
183:2 664 Symphony in E flat major Wq183Wq 183 = 4 Sinfonias pour 12 instruments obligésEb+   9:30Symphony
183:3 665 Symphony in F major Wq183Wq 183 = 4 Sinfonias pour 12 instruments obligésF+   10:30Symphony
183:4 666 Symphony in G major Wq183Wq 183 = 4 Sinfonias pour 12 instruments obligésG+   12:00Symphony
202:O4 743 Die Trennung in D minor     1:45 
236  Selma      
426  Flute Concerto in D minor     Flute concerto
  585 Sinfonia for 3 Voices in D major  voc3  Sinfonia
  558 Viola da Gamba Sonata in C major  vdg   
  559 Viola da Gamba Sonata in D major  vdg   
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