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Mily Alexeyevich Balakirev

2 jan 1837 (Nizhni Novgorod) - 29 may 1910 (St. Petersburg)
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Worklist for Mily Alexeyevich Balakirev

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name cmt key instr year time genre
48 works
1Piano Concerto No. 1 in F sharp minor F#-   Piano concerto
3Piano Sonata in B-Flat Minor "Grande Sonata"     31:30Piano Sonata
5Piano Sonata no 1 in B flat minor op. 5     21:00Piano Sonata
6Overture on a Spanish March theme     Overture
18IslameyOriental fantasy. pno  8:00 
 3 forgotten songs     Song cycle
 Berceuse for Piano in D flat minor  pno  Berceuse
 Chant du pecheur     Song
 Capriccio for Piano in D major  pno  Capriccio
 Dumka  pno1900 4:00 
 Humoresque for Piano in D major  pno  Humoresque
 Hebrew melody      
 Impromptu for Piano  pno  Impromptus
 Mazurka for Piano no 1 in A flat major     Mazurka
 Mazurka for Piano no 2 in C sharp minor     Mazurka
 Mazurka for Piano no 3 in B minor     Mazurka
 Mazurka for Piano no 4 in G flat major     Mazurka
 Mazurka for Piano no 5 in D major     Mazurka
 Mazurka for Piano no 6 in A flat major     Mazurka
 Mazurka for Piano no 7 in E flat minor     Mazurka
 Nocturne for Piano no 1 in B flat minor  pno  Nocturne
 Nocturne for Piano no 2 in B minor  pno  Nocturne
 Nocturne for Piano no 3 in D minor  pno  9:00Nocturne
 Overture on 3 Russian Themes     Overture
 Overture on Russian Themes no 2 "Russia"     Overture
 Overture on themes of three Russian Songs     Overture
 Piano Concerto No. 2 in E flat Major     Piano concerto
 Piano Sonata in B-Flat Minor     24:00Piano Sonata
 Suite after Chopin in D minor     Suite
 Scherzo for Piano no 1 in B minor  pno  Scherzo
 Scherzo for Piano no 2 in B flat minor  pno  Scherzo
 Scherzo for Piano no 3 in F sharp major  pno  Scherzo
 Spanish melody for Piano  pno   
 Symphony no 1 in C major     44:00Symphony
 Symphony no 2 in D minor     Symphony
 Spanish Serenade for Piano  pno  Serenade
 Tarantella for Piano in B major  pno  Dances
 Toccata for Piano in C sharp minor  pno  Toccata
 The LarkZhavronok. Piano transcription from a song by Glinka. pno1864 6:00 
 Tropanon of St John Chrysostom     Other religious
 The prophets aboveSvyše prorocy. Theotokion at the bishops vesting at the beginning of the hierarchical divine liturgy.    Hymn
 Waltz no 1 in G major "Valse di bravura"  pno  Waltz
 Waltz no 2 in F minor "Valse mélancholique"  pno  Waltz
 Waltz no 3 in D major "Valse-impromptu"  pno  Waltz
 Waltz no 4 in B flat major "Valse de concert"  pno  Waltz
 Waltz no 5 in D flat major  pno  Waltz
 Waltz no 6 in F sharp minor  pno  Waltz
 Waltz no 7 in G sharp minor  pno  Waltz
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