Ludwig van Beethoven   opus 107

10 Variations for piano & flute

Flute and Piano
1820. Time: 47'30.
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The Ten National Airs with Variations for Flute and Piano Opus 107 were composed by Ludwig van Beethoven from 1818 and 1819.[1] Beethoven wrote this piece based on folk-derived melodies.[1] This is one of several sets of pieces that Beethoven wrote that are folk-derived. The piece was for George Thomson, with whom he had a difficult business relationship,[2] a wealthy Edinburgh-based publisher.[1] These variation sets were first published in 1819 in both London and Vienna.[1]

The first of the ten sets of variations uses an Alpine air (E flat), "Ich bin a Tiroler Bua".[1]

The next piece uses the Scottish "Bonny Laddie, Highland Laddie" [1]

No. 3 utilizes "Volkslied aus Kleinrussland," a Russian dance, as the main theme.[1]

The fourth item employs the popular "St. Patrick's Day." [1]

No. 5 ("A Madel, ja a madel") includes great difficulty for both instruments.[1]

The Sixth resembles (in mood) to the composer's Sixth Symphony ("Pastoral").[1]

The composer returns to the world of the third piece in No. 7, using a widely-known Russian tune from "Schöne Minka." [1] The next set may rival the First in quality. The five variations on "O Mary, at thy Window be" are solidly conceived and quite inventive.[1]

The last two sets are based on a Scottish tune ("O, Thou art the Lad of my Heart") and a march, "The Highland Watch." [1]


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Ten National Airs with Variations for Flute and Piano: Free scores at the International Music Score Library Project.

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