Biography of

Kurt Bestor

22 jan 1958 (Waukesha) -
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Kurt Bestor
Born 1958 (age 52–53)
Genres Classical/New Age/Jazz
Occupations Composer
Instruments Piano, Flugelhorn
Years active 20
Labels Pinnacle

Kurt Roland Bestor (born 1958)[1] is an American composer, arranger, and performer.



Bestor was born in Waukesha, Wisconsin, and raised in Orem, Utah, graduating from Orem High School in 1976. His grandfather played trumpet in Tommy Dorsey's band and his great uncle played trombone in Jack Benny's band. He got his start in music as his parents "required" their children to take piano lessons, which he didn't always enjoy. He was envious of his friends who were out playing football and other sports while he was stuck practicing piano. One day his mother told him to "play something that sounds like a sunrise." He came up with something he said wasn't much, but it opened the door to a new level of enjoyment with the piano; composing. He says he still hasn't written a song especially for his mother, but hopes to be good enough to do that some day. He also learned to play the trumpet, playing in the pep band in high school. He is an accomplished trumpeter, pianist and composer, as evidenced in his concerts and recordings, along with a few vocals. Some vocals are synthesized with his keyboard, as in his famous Prayer of the Children.

Bestor has released over a dozen CDs including several Christmas CDs. His Christmas concerts have become an annual Utah tradition since 1988. Bestor, in conjunction with Utah composer Sam Cardon, released a CD, Innovators, in 1995, and a sequel in 2001. Innovators contained probably his most famous song, Prayer of the Children which was written in memory of the children of Yugoslavia in light of the Yugoslav wars.

In addition, Bestor appears in the TV commercial "The Concert" which promotes encouragement and is sponsored by the Foundation for a Better Life. The commercial indicates it is based on a true story.

In 2005, Bestor began hosting a morning radio talk show, geared towards women, on KUTR 820 AM in Salt Lake City, Utah. He has also composed music introductions for numerous television programs, including Good Morning America and Monday Night Football.[1]

Bestor is a National Advisor for ASCEND: A Humanitarian Alliance. This non-profit organization plans expeditions to African and South American countries to provide life skills mentoring with sustainable solutions in education, enterprise, health and simple technology.[2]

Bestor studied music at Brigham Young University graduating with a BA degree in Studio Composition. He also received an honorary degree from Utah Valley University in 1998.


Emmy Award

ABC's TV themes for the 1988 Winter Olympics

Notable works


  • Robinson, Doug. Deseret News. 1 September 2002. . Accessed 12 April 2006.

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