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Ernest Bloch

24 jul 1880 (Geneve) - 15 jul 1959 (Agate Beach)
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Worklist for Ernest Bloch

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72 works
2 Pieces for String Quartet  sor   
2 Pieces for Viola and Piano  vla,pno   
3 Jewish Poems for Orchestra  orc  Poem
3 Nocturnes for Piano, Violin and Cello  pno,vln,cel  Nocturne
4 Episodes for Chamber Orchestra  cor   
4 Wedding Marches for Organ  org  March
5 Sketches in Sepia      
6 Preludes For Orchestra  orc  Prelude
6 Preludes for Organ      
Avodath hakodesh      
Baal ShemOriginal version for violin and piano. Orchestral version in 1939. vln1922 14:00 
Concertino for Flute, Viola and Strings  flu,vla,str  Concertino
Concerto for Piano "Symphonique"  pno  Concerto
Concerto for Violin     Violin concerto
Concerto grosso no 1 for String Orchestra and Piano obligato  sor,pno  23:30Concerto
Concerto grosso no 2     18:30Concerto
Evocations     Symphonic suite
From Jewish Life  cel,pno1924 8:00 
Helvetia The Land of Mountains and its People      
In Memoriam      
In the Mountains      
In the Night      
Last Poems      
Méditation hébraïque      
Melody for Violin and Piano  vln,pno   
Nuit exotique      
Poèmes d'automne     Poem
Poems of the Sea     Poem
Prelude and 2 Psalms for Soprano and Orchestr      
Prelude for String Quartet  stq  Prelude
Psalm 22 for Alto/Bar and Orchestra  alt/bar,orc  Hymn
Quintet for Piano and Strings no 1  pno,str  35:00Piano quintet
Quintet for Piano and Strings no 2  pno,str  Piano quintet
Rustic Dance     Dances
Schelomo     20:30 
Scherzo fantasque     Scherzo
Sinfonia breve     Sinfonia
Sonata for Cello and Piano  cel,pno  Sonata
Sonata for Piano  pno  Piano Sonata
Sonata for Violin and Piano no. 2 "Poème mystique"     Violin Sonata
Sonata for Violin and Piano no 1  vln,pno  Violin Sonata
String quartet no. 1  stq  String quartet
String quartet no. 2  stq  String quartet
String quartet no. 3  stq  String quartet
String quartet no. 4  stq  String quartet
Suite for Cello solo no 1  cel  Suite
Suite for Cello solo no 2  cel  Suite
Suite for Cello solo no 3  cel  Suite
Suite for Viola and Orchestra  vla,orc  Suite
Suite for Viola and Piano  vla,pno  Suite
Suite for Violin solo no 1  vln  Suite
Suite for Violin solo no 2  vln  Suite
Suite hébraïque     Suite
Suite modale     Suite
Suite symphonique     Suite
Symphony for Trombone and Orchestra  trb,orc  Symphony
Symphony in C sharp minor     Symphony
Symphony in E flat major     Symphony
Visions and Prophecies      
Voice in the Wilderness      
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