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Benjamin Britten

22 nov 1913 (Lowestoft) - 4 dec 1976 (Aldeburgh)
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Worklist for Benjamin Britten

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name cmt key instr year time genre
105 works
1Sinfonietta  orc1932  
2Phantasy  cha1932 Fantasy
3A Boy was Born   1933 28:00Song
4Simple Symphony   1934 16:30Symphony
5Holiday Diary   1934 Incidental Music
6Suite op. 6  cha1935 Suite
7Friday Afternoons13 songs for children's voices and piano. pno,voc1935  
8Our Hunting Fathers   1936 Song
9Soirées musicales  orc1936  
10Variations on a Theme of Frank Bridge  orc1937 Variations
11On this Island  pno,voc1937  
12Mont Juic  orc1937  
13Piano Concerto   1938 Piano concerto
14Ballad of Heroes   1939 Song
15Violin Concerto   1939 Violin concerto
16Young Apollo  orc1939  
17Paul Bunyan   1941 Opera
18Les illuminations   1939 Song
19Canadian Carnival  orc1939  
20Sinfonia da requiem  orc1940 Requiem
21DiversionsRevised in 1954 orc1940  
227 Sonnets of Michelangelo   1940  
23:1Introduction and Rondo alla burlesca  cha1940 9:30Rondo
23:2Mazurka elegiaca  cha1941 8:30Mazurka
24Matinées musicales  orc1941  
25String Quartet No. 1 in D major D+cha1941 String quartet
26Scottish Ballad  orc1941  
27Hymn to St. Cecilia   1942 10:30Choir
28A Ceremony of CarolsTreble voices and harp.  1942 21:00Song
29Prelude and Fugue  orc1943 Prelude
30Rejoice in the Lamb   1943 17:00Song
31Serenade   1933 Song
32Festival Te Deum   1945 Song
33Peter Grimes   1945 Opera
33a4 Sea Interludes  orc   
33bPassacaglia  orc   
34The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra  orc1946  
35The Holy Sonnets of John Donne  pno,voc1945 25:00 
36String Quartet No. 2 in C major C+cha1945 String quartet
37The Rape of Lucretia   1946 Opera
38Occasional Overture  orc1946  
39Albert Herring      
40Canticle I "My beloved is mine"   1947 Song
41A Charm of Lullabies   1947 Song
42St. Nicolas   1948 47:00Choir
43The Beggar's OperaBallad Opera.  1948 Opera
44Spring Symphony   1949 42:30Choral
45The Little Sweep   1949 44:00Opera
46A Wedding Anthem   1949 Choral
475 Flower Songs   1950 11:00Song
48Lachrymae  cha1950  
48aLachrimaeArrangement of opus 48 orc1976  
496 Metamorphosesafter Ovid.  1951 Incidental Music
50Billy BuddRevised in 1960  1951 Opera
51Canticle II "Abraham and Isaac"   1952 Song
52Winter Words   1953 Song
53Gloriana   1953 Opera
53aGloriana - Suite   1953 Symphonic suite
54The Turn of the Screw   1954 Opera
55Canticle III "Still Falls the Rain"   1954 Song
56aHymn to St. Peter   1955 Song
56bAntiphon   1956 Song
57The Prince of the Pagodas   1956 Opera
57aPas des sixFrom "The Prince of the Pagodas" orc   
58Songs from the Chinese   1957 Song
59Noye's Fludde   1957 48:00Opera
60Nocturne   1958 Song
61Sechs Hölderin-Fragmente   1958 Song
62Cantata academica   1959 Song
63Missa brevis   1961 Mass
64A Midsummer Night's Dream   1960 Opera
65Cello Sonata in C major C+cel,pno1961 21:00Cello sonata
66War Requiem   1961 1:25:00Requiem
67Psalm CL (150)   1962 5:00Hymn
68Cello Symphony  cel,orc1963  
69Cantata misericordium   1963 Hymn
70Nocturnalafter John Dowland.  1963 18:30Incidental Music
71Curlew RiverChurch parable  1964 1:09:00Oratorio
72Cello Suite No. 1   1964 22:30Incidental Music
73Gemini Variations  cha1965 15:00Variations
74Songs and Proverbs of William Blake   1965 Song
75Voices for Today   1965 Choir
76The Poet's Echo   1965 16:30Song
77The Burning Fiery FurnaceChurch parable  1966 1:03:00Oratorio
78The Golden Vanity   1966 17:30Choir
79The Building of the House  orc1967  
80Cello Suite No. 2   1967 24:00Incidental Music
81The Prodigal SonChurch parable  1968 1:08:30Oratorio
82Children's Crusade   1968 19:00Choir
83Harp Suite   1969 14:00Incidental Music
84Who are these Children?   1969 Song
85Owen Wingrave   1970 Opera
86Canticle IV "The Journey of the Magi"   1971 Song
87Cello Suite No. 3   1972 23:30Incidental Music
88Death in Venice   1973 Opera
89Canticle V "The Death of Narcissus"   1975 Song
90A Time There WasSuite on English Folk Tunes. orc1975  
91Sacred and Profane   1975 Song
92A Birthday Hansel   1975 Song
93Phaedra   1975 Song
94String Quartet No. 3  cha1975 27:30String quartet
95Welcome Ode   1976 Choir
 A Hymn to the Virgin   1830 2:45Choir
 Cabaret Songs   1937 Song cycle
 Fancie and Rejoice in the Lamb   1961 Choir
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