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Anton Bruckner

4 sep 1824 (Ansfelden) - 11 oct 1896 (Vienna)
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Name/Genre/Year/Popularity WAB
4 Preludes for organ in E flat major (1;8m) 128
Alla Breve in D minor (2;4m) 126
Ave Maria for Chorus and Organ in F major (1;4m) 5
Ave Regina coelorum (1;2m) 8
Christus factus est (1;5m) 11
Christus factus est in D minor (2;5m) 10
Helgoland (1;13m) 71
Herbstlied (1;3m) 73
Locus iste (6;3m) 23
March in d (1;4m) 96
March in E flat (1;3m) 116
Mass in C "Windhaager Mass" (1;10m) 25
Mass in d "Kronstorfer" (1;5m) 146
Mass no. 1 in d (1;42m) 26
Orchestral Pieces in B flat, e, and F (2;16m) 97
Os justi (1;4m) 30
Overture in g (2;10m) 98
Name/Genre/Year/Popularity WAB
Pange lingua (2;4m) 32
Prelude & Fugue in c (1;7m) 131
Prelude in C for harmonium (1;2m) 129
Prelude in d minor for Organ (Andante) (1;3m) 130
String Quintet in F (1;46m) 112
Symphony no 0 in D minor, "Die Nullte" (1;41m) 100
Symphony no. 1 in c (1;47m) 101
Symphony no. 2 in c (2;65m) 102
Symphony no. 3 in d "Wagner symphony" (1;48m) 103
Symphony no. 4 in E flat "Romantic" (4;64m) 104
Symphony no. 5 in B flat (4;76m) 105
Symphony no. 6 in A major (2;52m) 106
Symphony no. 7 in E (4;63m) 107
Symphony no. 8 in c (4;88m) 108
Symphony no. 9 in D minor (3;85m) 109
Te Deum in C (3;25m) 45
Virga Jesse floruit (1;4m) 52

Explanation (2;5m) or (2;5m;v)
2 number of artists with performances for this work
5m duration in minutes of longest performance (rounded)
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